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Top Home Care Services

We offer a wide array of Home Care and Senior Care services to the elderly and home-bound in need across Texas.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients can be cared for safely at home.

live in home care

Live in Care

Daily holistic care to overcome physical or mental limitations.

assisted living care

Assisted Living

Care in your apartment, rehab, nursing home, or hospital room.

stroke caretaker

Stroke Care

Caretaker support to allow your loved one to regain their independence.

nutrition and hydration care for the elderly

Nutrition & Hydration

Proper nutrition and hydration are key to preventing other health issues.

caretaker helping senior walk without falling

Fall Prevention

Our caretakers help a seniors get around their house safely.


Latest Blog Posts & Care Tips

breakfast ingredients like flour, eggs, and cream on a cutting board on a table next to a whisk and jar of white flowers
5 Easy and Nutritious Breakfast Ideas for Older Adults

As people age, many individuals may have trouble performing or remembering daily living activities like cooking 3 healthy meals every day. They may avoid the kitchen because of cognitive difficulties or mobility issues that make it hard to get around. Some seniors may not remember to eat on their own which is something to watch out for because studies have…

lady going tp hold the hand/arm of an elderly man sitting next to her with another person sitting in the background
7 Common Myths and Misconceptions About In-Home Care Debunked

When your aging family member reaches a point when they can no longer care for themselves, it’s hard to decide how to proceed. You may be wondering if they should move into a nursing home or hire a caregiver to help them age in place. Most seniors prefer to stay in their homes for as long as possible, but you may…

older man and woman standing on yoga mats doing yoga stretches outside
Benefits of Yoga for Seniors 

Many seniors are stuck inside due to the pandemic and cold winter weather, which can make it hard to stay active but luckily there are workouts that older adults can safely do at home with minimal equipment including yoga. Yoga is a great option for winter and really any season because the poses can be adapted for all ability levels.…

one elderly senior woman and one imddle aged woman sitting on a bench outside smiling and laughing holding onto each others hand
Real Stories About How an In-Home Caregiver Has Helped Change People’s Lives For the Better

“My Mom is 89 Years old with Alzheimer’s and I am a 62 year old man. She needed help bathing, dressing, hair, and all the “things” that a woman needs that a son or a man cannot provide. My Mother and I are the last of our family. She is my entire world and I am her only son. When…

older woman in her home on the floor stretching
Easy Indoor Exercises for Aging Adults During Winter

Staying active during the winter can be a challenge for seniors since the colder weather makes it even harder to go outside. Many older adults may even find walking outside in the cold weather unpleasant because they lose body heat faster as they age. Under normal circumstances, they’d be able to replace their evening walks with mall walking groups or…

senior gentleman sitting at a table eating food in a suit
7 Foods to Easily Add To One’s Diet to Help Fight Dementia 

It’s no secret that our diets play a key role in our health. Eating a variety of preoteins, fresh fruits and veggies is one of the best ways to ward off chronic diseases like dementia, which affects about 50 million seniors worldwide. Studies have shown that seniors may be able to lower their risk of cognitive decline by as much…


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