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10 Children’s Books to Help Families Explain Alzheimer’s and Dementia to Young Ones

The assortment of memories that families build with one another will always leave a long-lasting imprint for generations to come. As each family begins a new milestone in their lives they lean on one another for support. A support system that can navigate them in good and in not so great times. When faced with difficulties, like family members losing their precious memories due to Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, understanding these moments can become confusing.

If you like many families around the world who are affected by this heartbreaking disease, explaining to your young children about grandma or grandpa’s condition can be a challenging task to say the least. To help introduce such diseases like Alzheimer’s we have gathered a collection of books that are highly recommended when discussing these important matters of the heart.

1. What’s Wrong with Grandpa? A Children’s Story About Alzheimer’s Disease-Written by Danielle Sarah Cohen

This heartfelt true story is about a ten-year-old girl and the relationship she has with her grandfather. Readers will enjoy this beautiful bond between grandfather and granddaughter as they face the many ups and downs of Alzheimer’s disease.


2. The Memory Box-Written by Mary Bahr

A wonderful story about a grandfather who realizes he has Alzheimer’s disease and starts a memory box for his grandson. The Memory Box is a beautiful story that holds sentimental value for all readers of any age.


3. Still My Grandma-Written by Veronique van Abeele

Read about a girl Camille and her special relationship with her grandmother. She learns about her grandmother’s battle with Alzheimer’s and finds charming ways to continue their relationship as the grandmother’s illness progresses.


4. Always My Grandma: A Story for Children About Alzheimer’s Disease-Written by Linda Scacco

This inspiriting story helps readers explain to children and families the importance of knowing about the disease and what ways they can help their loved ones. As you read with your child you will uncover a story about a boy named Danielle, who visits his grandpa every summer. However, his most recent trip to grandpa’s house has brought change to the family and Danielle is encouraged help his grandpa any way he can.


5. Really and Truly-Written by Émilie Rivard

A young boy named Charlie loves hearing stories about pirates, gnomes and witches especially when they come from his grandfather. However, lately Charlie has seen a big change in his grandfather’s behavior. Readers can tag along this enchanting story as Charlie encourages his grandfather whose memories are quickly fading due to his side-effects of dementia.


6. Ferguson the Forgetful Frog: A Story About Dementia-Written by Dr. Paul J. Gerber

After first hand experience, author Dr. Paul J. Gerber, creates a story that will serve as guidance for children whose family members have been effected by dementia. Specifically geared towards children ages 5-8, this story follows a frog named Ferguson and his difficult journey he encounters along the way.


7. Striped Shirts and Flowered Pants: A Story About Alzheimer’s Disease for Young Children-Written by Barbara Schnurbush

Children who are close to their loved one’s battling Alzheimer’s disease should also consider reading this book. Written by Barbara Schnurbush, this heart-warming story helps children understand the disease and provides ways to handle the certain situations families might face.


8. Can I Tell You About My Dementia? A Guide for Family, Friends and Carers-Written by Jude Welton

As readers journey alongside a man named Jack, they will witness first had his perspective of coping with dementia. Readers will also learn about changes in memory, communication and behaviors that Jack faces on a daily basis.  Jack also discusses ways to help family members who are facing the same difficulties.


9. Remember Grandma?-Written by Laura Langston

This children’s book is a wonderful interpretation of families struggling with relatives who are facing memory loss. Dive in as you and your child read about a lovely grandmother and her granddaughter, Margaret, and their journey through laughter and loss.


10. And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer-Written by Fredrick Backham

Written by Fredrick Backham, this moving story is about an endearing relationship between grandfather and grandson. As time passes they both are dealt with difficult circumstances while the grandfather struggles to hold on to his precious memories.