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10 Ways To Keep Your Elderly Parents Cool This Summer

Every summer, high temperatures can make seniors suffer a lot, since they are more prone to heatstroke’s and low-pressure spikes. As someone who cares for them, you should know all the tips to make sure they stay in a cool, relaxed place and can follow their usual routines, maybe with some adjustments, without being in danger of them not being able to bear the heat. Here are some tips you can follow to see the best ways to keep your elderly parents cool this summer.

1. Do the right grocery shopping

grocery shopping
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Hydration begins with the food we insert in our bodies. In the summertime, it is best to shop for many different types of fruits and vegetables, along with low fat meat like chicken fillets, in order to prepare light but nutritious meals. Because your goal is also to provide your elderly parents with the correct daily intake of vitamins, look out for juices too- they contain the right balance between sugars and vitamins.

2. Make sure your home is optimal for the hot weather

dinning room
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Your elderly parents are going to stay home a lot of time because of the heat danger- you need to take some measures to make sure they are well and protected. A first quick adjustment could be to keep the blinds closed during the hottest hours of the day and considering installing solar curtains to block out the sun. Secondly, if they don’t have any type of air conditioning systems, you should invest in a portable fan so that your parents can have a direct method to keep cool from the heat. Avoid your elderly parents staying on the upper floors of the house, since they are way hotter than the basement and the ground floor during the summertime. If their bedroom is upstairs, try to find a way of moving it temporarily to a cooler room.

3. Consider taking them to the mountains

going to the mountains
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Migration during the summertime is one of the most considered solutions to avoid the heat. In fact, apartments equipped for this kind of vacation are common, and you can rent one of them for a few months. Lately, it is more and more usual to see hotels in the mountains that offer a specific program for seniors, so that elderly people can go there, meet other friends, stay relaxed and enjoy their time. Usually, this kind of structures also provides a health program to make sure their guests are safe and have everything they need.

4. Check the weather forecasts every day

checking the weather
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Some days will be hotter than others, and you will need to make more effort to help your elderly parents. Check the weather forecasts every day from a reliable source, in order to keep informed on when you are going to be more careful.

5. Mini fans and other gadgets are your friends

orange spray bottle
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If your parents want to go outside, prepare them a set of things they can bring with them in order to stay cooler- those portable mini fans are very useful, but you will also need to put sunscreen on (it has to be reapplied every few hours for the best results), tissues (because of possible frequent nosebleeds), and, of course, a cellphone so that they can call you if they need it.

6. Do the work for them, or hire someone who does

outdoor work
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If your parents need to go outside because of house chores such as gardening, try to find an alternative so they won’t have to work under the sun. If you can’t go yourself, hire a person who can for the summertime- it can also be a good idea to ask a neighbor.

7. Clothes are important too

light summer cloths
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The power of clothes is undervalued during the summertime. First of all, it is best they only use linen clothes. Furthermore, don’t forget useful accessories such as sunglasses and a hat. Both of them block out the sun that, otherwise, can bring a lot of damage to the eyesight and the skin.

8. Make use of cool washcloths

ice cubes

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A common procedure is to soak washcloths in cold water and put them behind the neck of your parent or on their forehead. This way, they are going to stay cool for a while, especially if they got sunburnt.

9. Take them swimming

swimming pool

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If there is a swimming pool nearby that is not directly under the sun, you can bring your elderly parents there for a refreshing evening. There are many swimming pools that have a bar so that you can also have a cold drink while being close to the water.

10. Stay hydrated

water flowing down sink faucet

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Last but not least, the obvious one- let your elderly parents stay hydrated. Besides from water, fruit juices and smoothies are the way to go to keep them healthy. Try to make them avoid coffee and alcohol, for a while, since they retain water.