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10 Ways To Spend Father’s Day With Your Elderly Parents

Even a small gesture for your father on Father’s day is a sign of gratitude- he has always been a guide for you and your loved ones. Think of how much he made sacrifices for your family, such as putting aside his hobbies and passions- that makes him a real hero.

That said, let’s now see everything about Father’s Day and how to make this celebration special.

1. A surprise party

surprise party for elderly dad
The ideal solution is to give him a surprise party- he will be amazed to see his sons’ commitment!

Find an excuse to take him away from home, buy balloons and decorations and set everything up before he comes back. Ask someone for help- your siblings or your mother, for example, to join forces and make this occasion memorable.

2. Make him something to eat

dinner with elderly dad
If you want to impress your father, the perfect gift- even if you don’t even know how to make scrambled eggs- would be to prepare dinner for him. If you are thinking of cooking something that requires a lot of complicated steps, it is always recommended to try the meal in advance. Of course, you should prepare something of his liking, allowing him to be satisfied. In this occasion too, asking for help can make a huge difference in the final result.
If you don’t have enough time, even buying a nice dessert will be a beautiful gesture and, of course, an occasion to spend time together.

3. For an adventurous father

outdoors with elderly dad

If your father loves adventure, but can’t go too far, it would be perfect if you organized a trip to a beautiful park or a place you two have never been before. It will allow him to feel emotions that he hardly experiences during all the other days of the week. To make it more memorable, it would be clever to play on the “surprise effect”- tell him you are going somewhere else and see his reaction when he discovers where you are taking him!

4. For sport enthusiasts

watch sports with elderly dad
If he loves sports, and always watches them on tv, you can take your father to see his favorite team or, if this sport is not to your liking, buy a friend of his a ticket.

5. If your elderly parents are movie addicted

watch movies with elderly dad

Organize a special evening, at home or at the cinema- choose a movie they would like to see, take them to the cinema if they feel like going out, otherwise stay home with popcorns and blankets for a cozy time.

6. Get crafty!

home repairs with elderly dad
Do you know anything in your parents’ house that needs to be fixed, which you promised to help and then never did? This is your time to shine! Although this may not be the ideal way to spend Father’s day, it could actually make your dad happy. In fact, some fathers are not very talkative, nor they like to go out and share moments in the conventional way. Fixing together something not only is a nice thought, but will allow you to get closer to him the way he wants.

7. See old pictures together

Photo album for elderly dad
Going down memory lane is always nostalgic, but in a positive way. Seeing how your relationship with your parents changed, and how it has become even stronger, remembering all the good moments but even your most challenging memories together, will remind you all how nice it is to be family, and to be able to celebrate together.

8. Bring home a relative, or someone close to them, they never get to see

elderly dad spend time with relative
Does your father have a loved one he never gets to see, because of distance or because they are busy? If so, this time would be nice to bring them home to him and spend a lovely evening together. In order to do this, you may need to think in advance- sometimes, even very in advance- about the organisation. However, it is going to be worth it, and you will all be talking about it for the next weeks.

9. Write them a letter and read it out loud

writ -a letter for elderly dad
Sometimes it is difficult to express our feelings in the right way, and there could be challenging times where we tend to treat others badly. If this is the case, Father’s day could be the occasion to apologise and show that, even though it takes a lot, you are able to know where you are wrong and, most importantly, that you love your parents. This is a thoughtful gift they will surely remember.

10. Do some gardening together

gardening with elderly dad
If Father’s day happens to be on a sunny day, you already know what to do if you want to keep in contact with nature and not go too far away- gardening. It is a quiet activity everyone loves, and you could also choose to bring some new plants to the yard. Seeing them grow will also remind your parents of the love you share as a family.