10 Ways to Spend Mother’s Day With Your Elderly Parents

Mother’s Day is a perfect occasion to celebrate and honor the mother figures in our lives. Dedicate your time to making her happy. Here are a few ideas to create new memories together and have fun doing something different than usual.

1. Gardening

gardening with elderly mom

Gardening is an activity everyone can do – it is not tiring, but rather creative and satisfying. Whether it can be buying new plants or make your balcony or garden a nicer spot, make your mother a surprise – prepare all the things you need beforehand, gather them in one place and let her find them as soon as she wakes up. Then, make her decide how to place the flowers you bought, or the seeds that could give life to a new, beautiful tree, which you will see grow together. Make sure you check the weather forecasts before, though, in order to avoid bad surprises.

2. Bake Something Together – Or Prepare Her a Nice Meal

baking with elderly mom

After years of knowing your parents, you surely know what they like to eat. Mothers are usually easy to make happy, if you do something entirely for them instead of letting them do all the work – they have, all their life, while raising you. This is why preparing her a nice meal, whether it be a nice morning breakfast or a more elaborate lunch or dinner, will send your mother the message she can relax all day. You can dedicate yourself to do her chores, especially if she lives alone and she has to do everything by herself. If you are not really creative or particularly good at cooking, you can ask her for help and have fun trying a new recipe together. Otherwise, the internet is your best choice – there are desserts specifically invented for Mother’s Day that are not difficult to recreate.

3. Go For a Ride!

take a trip with elderly mom

If your loved mother has difficulties walking, this is the tip for you – take her to a beautiful place! The only walk she will have to do will be from the house to your car and if it is sunny, choose a nice route with nature for her to look at while you drive. Then, the final destination could be a nice view, or even better, a restaurant with a nice view – be careful, though, to choose a place that has the right facilities for your mother.

4. Go to the Movies Together – Or Choose a Mother’s Day Themed Film at Home!

watch a movie with elderly mom

Watching a movie is easy if you and your parents would like to stay home. If it rains and you don’t get to go outside for a walk or a short trip, but still want to do something meaningful together – a movie would be a great option. Choose a title that goes well with your mother’s interests – maybe it is her favorite film and she would like to watch it another time, maybe it is something well-known because of the latest Oscars, just make sure you have it ready to play, perhaps with some sweet dessert to eat along.

5. Go Dress Shopping!

shopping with elderly mom

Buying your mother a nice dress she looks beautiful in can make her feel pretty even though she is getting older. Compliment her while browsing around stores, let her choose the style and the color, have fun in the fitting rooms and come back home as if you were two young teenage friends. Choose an occasion to wear it!

6. Set Up a Party With Your Family

mothers day party

Mothers are not only important for their sons – they are also sisters, aunts, wives. This is why it would be nice to spend Mother’s Day together with your family, perhaps with other mothers. It is an easy way to celebrate if your mother can’t go out.

7. Learn Something New Together!

arts class with elderly mother
Workshops are always the perfect occasion to learn something new, meet new people and strengthen the bond with those you already know. It can be a sewing class, a cooking course, but even one that teaches you how to paint or how to use the computer. Seek for something you know your mother has been wanting to learn, or something she may want to pick up again.

8. Visit a New City

visit new places with elderly mother
This one may be for the most active moms out there, but going somewhere for a weekend is always relaxing. Perhaps you can choose a city nearby, book an Airbnb some weeks in advance, and go exploring together.

9. Go to the Spa

spa day with elderly mother
If you don’t live in a very warm place already, going to the spa may be the most relaxing activity of these all – and the healthiest too, for sure. If your mother told you she has back pain, for instance, gifting her an all-inclusive spa day, can make her feel young again.

10. Create a Collage of Your Photos

create photo album for elderly mom

This is a good idea to use some photos of you and her that have been sitting in a closet for years. Dust them off, be creative, and choose together the most significative ones – place them somewhere nice in the house, and appreciate the love between you two.