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3 Reasons To Choose Home Care Over A Nursing Home For Your Elderly Loved One

There comes a time when you realize that your elderly loved one may need outside help in their daily routines. While you may want to help in any way you can, there may be a point where you are unable to do so. At this juncture, many find themselves wondering whether they should opt for nursing homes or senior home care for elderly loved ones. Many opt for home care instead, as that allows their loved ones to remain at home in a comfortable and familiar environment where they can receive a high level of personalized care. Here are 3 reasons why we prefer home care.

Remaining in the Comfort of the Home

Sometimes, moving your loved one to a nursing home is inevitable. There may be certain cases where basic care cannot be handled at home, and nursing homes are able to provide 24/7 medical care and assistance, alongside facilities that could be beneficial for your loved one.

However, in most cases, home caregivers can meet the amount of care that your loved one requires. If your loved one lives in your home and only needs outside care when you and the rest of your family are at work or school, or if they are not at the level where they need the reassurance of around-the-clock care, home care provides a more flexible option. Most opt for a 44-hour/week home care service, which means that your loved one can be looked after when no one else is at home.

Many seniors would prefer home care as it allows them to remain in their homes. They would prefer to remain in a home that they love, in a neighborhood that is familiar to them. Moving to a nursing home can be disorienting – they will have to get used to a completely new environment, with new people around them. If you are worried that living at home means that your loved one’s social life is becoming less fulfilling, you can always encourage them to sign up for community activities or to spend more time with their friends. Home caregivers also provide companionship, alongside helping your loved one with daily tasks and providing in-home health care.

Personalized Care

Another good thing about home care is that it allows for truly personalized care. Reputable nursing homes will also ensure that their residents get as much individual care as possible, but they are also trying to cater to the needs of many. With home care, your loved one’s caregiver will be able to devote the entirety of their time to your loved one’s needs.

Lower Cost

While nursing homes provide a range of amenities and services, these come at a cost. Alternatively, home care is much cheaper. However, the exact price you are paying for home care depends on the services that your loved one requires. The more extensive the services necessary, the higher the price. That said, home care does tend to be cheaper, and it allows your loved ones to spend their days at home, which is priceless for both you and them.