4 Things to Consider for Your Aging Veteran

As a nation, we place a lot of value in serving our country. When our men and women go off to fight in a war, we look to them as heroes for ourselves and our children. However, when they come back they’ve often seen unspeakable trauma, felt the pain of a serious injury, or suffered the loss of a fallen comrade. Sometimes they even come back an entirely changed person. Just like any other disabled person, as they age they may need more in home care from a caretaker to address all of their needs, no matter how big or small. Professional Caretakers is able to meet those needs. If you think your loved one might require home care assistance, here are a few things to consider.

Family Members With Dementia

Does your former service member have dementia or Alzheimer’s? Memory loss or the inability to complete daily tasks can really impair a person’s quality of life. If you aren’t sure if they’re ready for in home care, consider how they function on a day-to-day basis. Does he or she often forget how to do simple things? Is it putting them in danger? When dementia becomes a risk to their safety, you need to consider home care.

Veterans With PTSD

dementia in veterans

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is very common in veterans who have seen combat. Sometimes the symptoms of it don’t appear until veterans become seniors. They often suffer flashbacks, vivid dreams, and a variety of other symptoms that impede their lives. Managing these problems is often difficult for the family member who helps them around the house or deals with their medical issues on a regular basis. Hiring a caretaker that understands what the veteran’s needs are can improve their quality of life and also reduce the stress of the family member.

Physical Disabilities

Injuries sustained in battle like lost limbs can severely debilitate the veteran’s ability to get around. It becomes even more of an issue as they age and their bodies naturally become weaker. Often times, physical therapy is needed to help them regain mobility and learn to work with their bodies the way they are. Home care services can help with rehabilitation and provide the companionship veterans often need.

Paying for Home Care

Anytime home care is mentioned people panic because they know one-on-one home care is expensive. What they don’t know is that for many veterans in home care is covered by the benefits provided by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs as long they are enrolled in their healthcare system. Of course, the veteran needs to meet certain requirements set by the VA for care, but there are at least options that the veteran is able to consider.

Allow Us the Honor of Serving Your Veteran

At Professional Caretakers, our goal is to give your aging veteran the care they deserve. Their sacrifices and bravery warrant our honor, respect, and professional care. We would appreciate the chance to be your veteran’s caretaker. For more information, contact us today!