5 Halloween Activities For Seniors and Their Family

Halloween season (aka all of October) is a great opportunity to engage in Halloween-related activities with the family. These 5 Halloween activities are great for bringing the family together to enjoy some spooky good fun and help everyone get into the spirit of the season. 

Decorate pumpkins

Decorating pumpkins is a classic fall activity. Instead of using sharp knives to carve pumpkins, try painting pumpkins instead so that this activity is safer for everyone. You could also decorate pumpkins by adding stickers, gluing on small crafts (like pom pom balls, glitter, plastic leaves, etc.) or putting a small costume on the pumpkin with fabrics. 


Halloween Movie Marathon

Pop the popcorn, turn off the lights, and put on some classic Halloween movies! Whether you love classic horror movies (like Saw or Nightmare on Elm Street) or more family-fun movies (like Hotel Transylvania or Halloweentown), you can get in the Halloween spirit easily with this activity. 


Craft Decorative Paper Spider Webs

This simple spider web craft is cheap, quick, and most importantly fun to make! All you need are coffee filters, scissors, black paper, and a glue stick – you can even throw in some yarn if you have some lying around. After you are done, you can hang these spider webs up around the house all season long. This activity is great for seniors with their entire family – even the small children


Pumpkin Stamps

This is another simple and fun activity that seniors and their family can do together even with small children present. Simply cut an apple in half, apply orange paint on the inside, and stamp it on paper. After that, you can decorate the pumpkin apple however you wish! Mix it up by using a different color for the “pumpkin” or decorating your pumpkins in painted costumes! You can find the full instructions here. As an alternative to apples, you can always use a sponge or even your palm.


Halloween Charades

This is a spooky fun twist on the classic game of charades where everyone takes a turn acting out different Halloween-related things like a mummy, spider, or zombie. Here are some printable Halloween charade ideas to get you and your family started!


Even if not everyone in the family loves Halloween, they’ll surely enjoy the opportunity for the whole family to enjoy each other’s company. We hope you and your family have a spooky, fun and safe Halloween season!