5 Ways To Celebrate Halloween With Your Elderly Parents



Spending the holidays with your elderly parents is the perfect reason to create more memories together and remember happy times during the past holidays. Especially if the family is involved, all of these activities will create a different atmosphere- a more dynamic one- than their everyday life.

1. Decorate Your House Together

Set the mood for Halloween by decorating your house with spooky items. You can find them in every department store, but the real deal is to make them yourself. An example could be black and orange garlands, candles, little plastic spiders on the walls, but even creating webs and carving pumpkins will help you completely change the holiday atmosphere. Ask your parents to go with you to buy the decorations or assist you in choosing where to put the Halloween-themed objects.

2. Pumpkin Carving While Talking About Childhood Memories

This one is the most common activity to do when Halloween is approaching, but it always works if you want to spend quality time with your family. Especially if you have children or nieces, pumpkin carving is perfect to make the most out of one’s own personality. You probably have done it many times before- talk about it, recall past Halloweens, discuss future plans and put some music on while doing it- you will feel relaxed afterward.

3. Dress Up!

Not everyone likes to dress up, but if you are the types of people who can’t wait for the holiday time to show your costumes off, this idea is perfect for you and your family! The most interesting activity is, of course, choosing the theme- spend time together thinking about a movie, a show or a cartoon you all like, in order to impersonate your favorite characters. Add a personal touch to the costumes- they don’t have to be perfect, but you have to be proud of them.

4. Baking

You know there will be kids who will knock on your door asking for trick or treats. Be prepared! Having candies at home ready to be gifted is simple, but what about baking special Halloween-themed desserts? You could start with cookies, pumpkin-based ones are perfect for that time of the year. Make them a particular shape- or more if you want- ghosts, spiders, witches. Elderly people love to bake, and to take their time while doing that- especially if there will be children! Putting the cookies or chocolates in little separated baskets will be a nice gesture.

5. Movie Night

It doesn’t matter if you are at the cinema or in the comfort of your own living room- movie night is always fun. Of course, you don’t have to pick the latest, most scary movie you can find- even a soft one, such as Hitchcock’s series of thrillers, will surely make your parents happy- even if they are going to fall asleep on the couch. Prepare pop corns or cookies to treat yourselves while watching and commenting your theories. Create the atmosphere in general- turn the light off, put on some nice scents and get a blanket if you get cold.