5 Ways to Celebrate Labor Day Weekend with Your Elderly Parents


It is always a good idea to spend a holiday with your family. However, it can be difficult to match everyone’s needs- children have fun playing games, you would like to relax a little, your elderly parents, instead, can prefer spending quality time together, as it is a less busy period of the year. Luckily, there are many ideas you can take inspiration from to bring everyone to enjoy their time together, maybe doing something new, and creating memories to share in the future.

1. Pampering

As many and different as you may be as a family, pampering is always appreciated when it comes to relax in one’s free time. In fact, it is something out of a daily routine but that can have a huge effect on one’s overall health, even if it is just a small step. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be only about relaxation- it has to deal with respect and love in the first place. In fact, it would be great if you showed sensitivity to some of their needs and to dedicate your time in achieving their wellbeing. As much as annoying it could be, it can also become unexpectedly fun and will make your parents happy.

For instance, if you know they have been wanting their TV repaired for a long time and you just were too busy to do it, choosing to fix the problem and even watch a movie together can make a memorable day. Another example can be making them a well-planned lunch with a specific meal they like but they can’t prepare for some reason. If you want to do something original, instead, it can be fun to go to some beauty spa and enjoy the lasting benefits of massages and thermal water.

2. Take a Small Trip Together

How long ago have you gone with your parents on a small trip? If you can’t even remember, this could be the perfect occasion to plan going somewhere new, such as a nearby reserve, a just-opened place or a not so far away little town that has nice sightseeing attractions. Because there are so many possibilities to choose, this is the perfect activity to plan if you have a big family- everyone will find something of their taste to do and will enjoy being in each other’s company. Of course, because your elderly parents have limits, it is better to find a place in which there’s not too much walking to do. This way, the trip will be comfortable for them and not too tiring. Don’t forget to see the weather forecasts to avoid bad surprises, and decide a plan B if there is suddenly a turnaround.

3. Host a Party

One of the things elderly people feel the most is loneliness. In fact, they are often alone throughout the week as their loved ones are busy either at work or at school. For those who have difficulties going out of their house, due to health problems, for example, this issue is particularly important and has to be solved as it can lead to mood swings and depression.

The Labor Day weekend is the perfect occasion to give a new life to your parents’ house and make them experience a family reunion, along with some friends of them if possible. Planning it is the fun part, as you can ask your parents to help you organize things, such as cooking a meal, or maybe going shopping for flowers and plants to decorate the house. All of these small things make a difference in their lives and will make them happier, because they will feel involved and appreciated for their help. Furthermore, this activity is perfect for any age range, especially if playing board games together or watching a cult movie while relaxing on the sofa.

4. Go to a Fair/Farmer’s Market

Everyone loves fairs and or farmer’s market, and if your elderly parents don’t have mobility issues, this can be a great idea to have fun together. In fact, nobody is too old to enjoy themselves! Even eating a snack at a local town while watching other people playing traditional games can be interesting and will spark communication between you three. If they are passionate about a certain activity, such as bingo or farming, you could find a farmer’s market that involves these topics and, even if you aren’t interested in them, you can learn something new and listen to your loved ones while they talk about it.

5. Attend a Local Concert

Music is a fundamental part in everyone’s life and it can be extremely helpful to those who have elderly parents with some kinds of disabilities. In fact, if they have Alzheimer’s, or Dementia, doing something that involves the senses rather than the mind is effortless and successful. They may like classical music or choirs- find a local concert of your interest and ask your parents to go there together, it won’t be tiring and will make them happy. After that, you could go out to eat or come back home to relax – take with you a small gadget of the concert, such as a CD of the songs that have been played.