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5 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving with your Elderly Parents


Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays of the year. Making the celebration you and your parents deserve happen takes a bit of effort but can be rewarding when its all said and done. Here are five ways to make Thanksgiving a meaningful, remarkable day for the years to come.


1. For the Crafters – Thanksgiving Decorations

If you are a bit creative and think that your parents might want to get involved in the process, why don’t you think of custom decorations to show off in the house? The season of fall has landed on our doorstep and with that brings a whole lot of reasons to be thankful. Let your house be showered with these joyful characteristics as the main aesthetic theme when coming up with decor. For instance, you could buy some candles and customize them with the word “thanks” on each one of them. Another nice object could be having an empty jar you can all put your “I’m thankful for…” thoughts in.



2. Go for a Walk!

Many think fall is the most beautiful season- are you a fan too? If so, even if it can get a bit cold in some areas, it could be fun to go for a quiet walk with your parents. The elderly tend to have difficulties walking, both because they have a smaller social circle and because of physical problems. However, these are the occasions where you can- and should- get moving



3. Play a Game Together

Every family reunion includes some rituals- one of them is playing together. Each person has their own favorites, but if you have never done it before and want to try it, the most common games are bingo, cards, puzzles, charades and treasure hunts for the more organized, but there are also many printable game ideas to get you inspired.



4. Plan Your Perfect Thanksgiving Lunch and Make it Perfect

Families of all ages always love to cook- especially if it is a tradition and it reminds them of the past. Show your elderly parents some appreciation and give them the opportunity to choose exactly what they want to eat. Set up a nice table, with candles, flowers, fall plants, and cook for your parents (but let them do something, so they don’t feel useless.) Have a talk about your memories together, reunite your whole family is possible, make the atmosphere worth to be remembered.


5. Watch a Good Movie or a TV Series Together!

Is there something better than a good lunch and the perfect movie for Turkey Day? It is never wrong to get into that holiday spirit, and the choice is vast- from 50’s classics to the newest ones. Let your parents choose, gather everyone who might love it too and enjoy your evening.