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5 Ways to Celebrate Veteran’s Day With Your Elderly Parents



Veteran’s Day is a great, meaningful occasion to spend quality time with your parents and talk about their memories. It doesn’t matter whether your parents took active part in past wars or not- they lived it, and it is important to be thankful for those who helped in the conflict.

1. Show up to Music Events

Music and patriotism go hand in hand- You can make up a music selection of the best tunes for Veteran’s Day or, even better, take your parents to listen to it live. There are multiple bands and school orchestras who will perform in public places for the occasion, so make sure you plan accordingly, as there will be a huge crowd in no time. This is not only a good way to recall the sacrifices and dedication of those who have served our country but it’s also a great way to express appreciation and helps your parents share their own life stories in a happy atmosphere.

2. Go on a Trip

On Veteran’s Day, many parks and natural reserves are free- take advantage of that! It could be nice to do something different from your routine and a breathe of fresh air can be good if you live in an urban area. The elderly often have problems moving around and therefore don’t go on a lot of trips, but choosing an accessible spot will surely make them happy. Try to look for a place that has a nice restaurant nearby- it will make the experience completely satisfying. What’s more relaxing and heartwarming than eating a hot meal while admiring the beauty of nature with family on a national holiday?

3. Display the Flag!

Veteran’s Day is the perfect time to display the American Flag. Do it with your parents, take pictures, share memories- these activities are all necessary if you choose to stay home and have a relaxing day. The more you are, the better- if you can, gather your whole family- children will love it!

4. Donate

This is a quite different activity from the others, but carries a lot of meaning. There are many veterans, in fact, who still have difficulties recovering and need some help. Donating some money is a nice gesture to show appreciation for who did give a lot for our country. There are many associations you can choose to donate to- there is the Wounded Warrior Project and the Disabled American Veterans, for instance- but you can also go to many department stores who support a donation service, such as Petco, that dedicates the earnings to military dogs.

5. Take Advantage of the Many Discounts

Have you ever thought about doing something but changing your mind after seeing the price? Well, there are special discounts for veterans on Veteran’s day, and the services range from haircuts to food. For example, you can get a free oil change, a discount on most department stores or a free meal (Applebee’s, Denny’s, Olive Garden, Golden Corral, Texas Roadhouse). It will also be an occasion to meet up with other veterans and thank them for their efforts in making the world a peaceful place.