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5 Ways to Keep Your Elderly Parents Involved This Fourth of July

Of all the events and holidays that normally surround our summer calendars, the hallmark is usually the Fourth of July. Along with celebrating the tradition and heritage of our nation, this holiday is usually deeply ingrained with family tradition and memories.

If you have aging, elderly parents, you know that there are a lot of significant life changes that come with growing old. The reality of aging can often hit harder around holidays as you try to accommodate all generations of your family when planning activities. There are plenty of easy ways you can make sure your parents are still involved in your Fourth of July celebration – here are some of our favorites!

1. Bring Them Along

If your parents are still able to get out and about, absolutely plan to include them on any outings! Whether you plan to check out a parade or join a barbecue at a friend’s house, your parents will love to be included in the celebration. Be sure you take steps to keep your parent comfortable throughout the day: limit their direct sun exposure, bring medicine, a comfortable chair and a light blanket in case it gets chilly.

2. Bring the Barbecue Home

Sometimes getting out of the house for an extended time is not an option, but you can bring the celebration to your parents! Plan a small barbecue at your home or theirs; this will keep them in a comfortable, familiar environment.

3. Celebrate Tradition

There are many traditions that come to mind when thinking of the Fourth of July, including singing songs, donning patriotic garb and the blasting of fireworks. All of these can still be done with your elderly parents, though you may need to modify. If you can’t get out to a local firework display, find one casting live on television or a replay on the Internet. Have your parents lead some patriotic karaoke to teach your children some patriotic tunes!

4. Fun with Food

No holiday celebration would be complete without some great food, and Independence Day is no exception. Have your parents help around the kitchen to create a spread of fun, patriotic dishes to go alongside your traditional burgers and hot dogs. You can make a range of colorful dishes using Jell-O and fruit, or beat the heat with a patriotic ice cream sundae bar.

5. Arts and Crafts

Your parents can be a great help when it comes to decorating for any gathering, especially if you also have young kids. There are plenty of patriotic arts and crafts they can do, like making flags, stars and other decor. Grandparents and grandchildren alike will cherish the memories of working together on small projects.

At the very least, we hope you are able to spend time with your entire family this Independence Day. The Fourth is a day filled with a lifetime of memories, and you can continue to make them with your elderly parents.