5 Ways to Spend Time with Elderly Family Members This Memorial Day


Summer is right around the corner; the kids will soon be out of school, vacations are planned and summer sports and pool days will fill your calendar. Along with being a busy time for weddings, there are several major holidays to plan around in the coming months. The first one will be here before you know it, as we remember military veterans throughout Memorial Day weekend.

If you have elderly parents or close relatives, Memorial Day weekend can be a great way to plan some time that your entire family can enjoy. Here are some of our favorite ideas!

1. Catch a Parade

The Memorial Day weekend is never complete without a parade, and chances are there is one happening near you. Parades are great for the whole family. They offer entertainment for all generations, and the relaxed environment offers plenty of opportunity to talk and share memories with your parents. Just be sure to plan for the day – have enough snacks and drinks to stay hydrated and fed, and bring an umbrella just in case!

2.Visit a Memorial or Museum

Your elderly parents likely lived through multiple wars, and may be veterans themselves. Honor the holiday and/or their service by visiting a memorial or museum. You can use this trip as an educational opportunity for the youngest members in your family, as they can learn a lot understanding how our history impacts people they know.

3. Plan a Day Trip

Most people have a three day weekend for Memorial Day, so use one of the days to take your parents on a short trip. You could pick a destination they always enjoyed visiting and haven’t been back to, or somewhere new for the whole family. They will appreciate the experience, and short car trips are great for whole family conversation.

4.Fly the Flag

If your parents are veterans, or had close friends or relatives who served, provide them the opportunity to raise the American flag at your house. You can make a small ceremony out of it with your family in the morning before doing other things. Though small, it is a nice gesture to help them honor the memory of their friends and family members.

5.Pay Respects

Honor the purpose of the holiday by going with your parents to pay respects to family members and friends who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. Take along some flowers and take time to do some light maintenance such as pulling weeds if necessary. This will also help teach values to your kids so they too can understand the importance of the day.

There are plenty of ways you can spend time with your elderly parents this Memorial Day! With some careful planning you can plan activities to honor the spirit of the holiday along with creating enjoyable family memories.