6 Benefits of In-Home Care Services For Seniors

As people get older and face mobility issues and health challenges, they may find it harder to live independently. Sixty-five percent of seniors ages 60 to 70 say it’s very easy to live on their own, but only 43% of older adults over 70 feel the same way. If your loved one is finding it difficult to cook proper meals and keep up with housework, it’s probably time to consider getting them some help.

Instead of moving to a long-term care facility, more and more seniors are choosing to age in place. Although moving to a nursing home is an option, hiring an in-home caregiver has many benefits like is usually cheaper and doesn’t require your loved one to go through a big lifestyle change.  To help you decide what’s right for your family member, here are some of the benefits of in-home care services. 


Your Loved One Gets to Age in Place 

According to a study by AARP, 90% of seniors would prefer to age in place. Your loved one may want to spend their golden years in their own home instead of a long-term care facility for a variety of reasons. 

Many seniors raised their family in their home and made many cherished memories there, which can make selling it difficult. Leaving their comfortable house for an unfamiliar assisted living facility can also feel daunting for seniors. Older adults usually struggle with change and find it hard to adapt to new surroundings. They may also have trouble moving away from friends and neighbors who live nearby. 

If your loved one enjoys their current neighborhood and doesn’t want to leave, it may be better for them to age in place. In-home care services can enable your family member to remain in their home while still getting the help that they need.

Caretakers can assist with activities of daily living like cooking, bathing, dressing, housekeeping, and toileting. Many in-home care agencies, like Professional Caretakers, also employ skilled nurses to care for older adults with complex conditions like Parkinson’s and cancer. Our skilled nurses can provide medical interventions like IV therapy, wound care, insulin injections, and more as needed. 

In-Home Care Leads to Better Health Outcomes 

A recent study showed that seniors who age in place have better mental and physical health than their peers in nursing homes. Moving away from home can be stressful for seniors and put them at higher risk of depression. Having less independence and control over their schedule can also take a mental toll. About 50% of nursing home residents end up taking antidepressants to treat their low mood. 

Seniors in long-term care facilities also tend to have worse physical health outcomes. This may be due to the fact that they’re at a higher risk of developing infections like pneumonia because they live in a group setting. Studies have also found that nursing home residents spend the vast majority of their day sitting, which can negatively affect their health. People who have sedentary lifestyles are more likely to develop serious conditions like diabetes, certain cancers, and cardiovascular disease. 

Seniors who age in place with the help of in-home care services are able to retain more of their independence and continue engaging in activities they love like gardening and volunteering in their community. This may help them maintain their physical and mental functioning and give them a better quality of life overall. 


In-Home Care is More Affordable than a Nursing Home

Seniors who age in place not only have better health outcomes but also spend less of their nest egg on care. Hiring an in-home caregiver is nearly 50% cheaper than getting a private room in a nursing home. Nursing home residents pay nearly $8,500 per month for room and board. On the other hand, full-time in-home care only costs about $4,400 per month. 

However, many seniors do well with less support, which can lower the cost of their care even more. This makes aging in place an affordable alternative to living in a nursing home or assisted living facility. 


Caregivers Provide Companionship

Caregivers don’t just help with cooking, dressing, and medication reminders. They can also provide companionship to your loved one, whether they need a listening ear, someone to read a book with, or a travel buddy. 

Nearly one-third of seniors live alone, which may put them at risk of isolation and loneliness. On days when friends and family members aren’t able to visit, in-home caregivers can give older adults the social interaction they need. Many seniors form a close bond with their caregivers, so seeing them will quickly become a bright spot in your loved one’s day. 


You Can Be More Involved in Your Loved One’s Care 

In-home care services are a great solution for family caretakers who want to play an active role in their loved one’s care, but need some support to do so. In a nursing home or hospital setting, there’s a limit to how involved you can be with your loved one’s care. 

With in-home care services, you can still be hands-on and act as their caretaker when your schedule allows. On days when you can’t be there with them, our home health aides can fill in, giving you peace of mind and a much-needed break. 

Our caregivers will give you updates about how your family member is doing so you’re always kept in the loop. They’ll also work with you on an ongoing basis to create a care plan that works for both you and your loved one. 


Caregivers Give Personalized, One-On-One Care

An in-home caregiver will be able to give your family member one-on-one attention and care, which nursing homes often can’t provide. One nursing home aide may be responsible for watching over as many as 30 patients at once. Unfortunately, this can lead to neglect. 

When you hire an in-home caregiver, their sole focus is your loved one. Our nurturing caretakers will go the extra mile to provide your family member with personalized care that’s tailored to their needs. They can assist with housekeeping, meal preparation, transportation, and personal care tasks like bathing and toileting. They can also provide more specialized care to seniors with complex conditions like Parkinson’s, cancer, and dementia. 


We at Professional Caretakers have skilled registered nurses on staff to create a detailed care plan for your family member and provide medical care as needed. If you’re not sure which of our services would be best for your loved one, contact us today to find out more about how we can help you and your loved ones live an easier life.