6 Ways Your Family Can Stay Connected With an Elderly Loved One While Social Distancing

During these times of social distancing, it can be hard to go without seeing your loved ones. It’s especially hard for the elderly who are more likely to be feeling isolated and lonely but there are still plenty of options for connecting with them without seeing them in-person. Here are 6 ways your family can stay connected to an elderly loved one while maintaining social distancing standards.


1. Send them photos

By Lisa Fotios by Pexels

No doubt your parents or grandparents love to see your family and even though interactions are limited right now, sending photos is a great way for them to still see you. They’ll love that you thought about them and will be happy to be kept updated. You can send photos through text, Messenger, mail, or get creative with it! Check out these 8 creative ways to share your favorite family photos that include turning them into pillows, putting them into snow globes, and more!


2. Play online games together

By bongkarn thanyakij on Pexels

With all the phone apps and online games, there are so many ways to play with people online now. Whether you play through an app, online, or through Facebook games, there are a wide variety of games to choose from. Try playing one of these 9 game that help fight memory loss so they (and you) can have fun and sharpen their skills at the same time. Whatever y’all choose to play, they will surely love spending fun, quality time with you.


3. Video chat with them

By Julia M Cameron on Pexels

Facetime, Facebook Portal, Skype – there are so many different video call applications and devices today to choose from nowadays. Find one you and your loved one both have access to and plan a video chat. Have the kids join in and make it weekly designated family time.


4. Order food or groceries for them

By Lisa Fotios on Pexels

For some seniors going out was tough before COVID-19, but now it’s even riskier. Sending groceries or their favorite meal to their door will not only help them out tremendously, but it will also fill their stomach and heart with joy.


5. Send them a handwritten letter

By Ylanite Koppens on Pexels

Snail mail has not gone away just yet. A personal hand-written letter has the perfect amount of personal touch and sentimental value to brighten their day. Whether it’s a simple hello or updating them on your family, this very personal act is a great way to reach out to your elderly loved ones.


6. Simply give them a phone call

By Luismedeirosph on Pexels

Sometimes just hearing your voice makes their day, especially if they are living alone. With extremely limited daily interactions with others, the elderly are more at risk to feel lonely. So, even just a simple call to let them know you are thinking about them and want to check on them will brighten their day.