7 Common Myths and Misconceptions About In-Home Care Debunked

When your aging family member reaches a point when they can no longer care for themselves, it’s hard to decide how to proceed. You may be wondering if they should move into a nursing home or hire a caregiver to help them age in place. Most seniors prefer to stay in their homes for as long as possible, but you may be unsure if that’s the right decision. Even if you’re loved one is not elderly, a condition may have come up that requires them to need extra care at home. 

Depending on what you’ve heard about in-home care, you may have concerns about the quality of the service and the cost. Below we’ve laid out seven of the most common misconceptions about in-home care and the facts to help your family make an informed choice. Here are the top 7 most common home care myths people believe.


MYTH: Home Care is Only For People Who Are Very Sick

Truth: Home care can be catered to individuals with varying needs – medical and non-medical.

You may believe that home care is reserved for people who are very ill. While home care can certainly be helpful to those who are very sick, there is also non-medical care that can be given. In-home care services can be tailored to each individual’s needs, no matter how big or small. Whether your loved one requires round-the-clock medical care from a highly skilled nurse or simply needs help with day-to-day tasks (like bathing, dressing, groceries, and more) home care is a great solution. 


MYTH: Home Care Is Too Expensive 

Truth: Home care is more affordable than a nursing home.

Another common misconception is that home care is too expensive. You may be surprised to learn that full-time home care is actually more affordable than moving your loved one to a nursing home. In-home care costs $23 an hour on average, which adds up to $4,385 per month for full-time assistance. A room in a nursing home, on the other hand, costs upwards of $8,517 per month. Considering that home care is over $4,000 cheaper than a nursing home and preferred by 90% of seniors, it may be the better option for your loved one. 

If you decide to move forward with in-home care, there are a variety of programs that can make paying for it easier, including VA benefits, reverse mortgages, and long-term care insurance. At Professional Caretakers, we even have an insurance team that will study your policy and help you get the most care possible covered. 


MYTH: Seniors Who Have Family Caregivers Don’t Need Home Care

Truth: Family caregivers need support too.

Family caregivers to aging seniors often don’t get a break. They usually have to be on call 24/7 in case something happens and their loved one needs them. If you’ve been solely responsible for your family member’s care, you may be feeling emotionally and physically drained. Hiring a home care agency to provide respite care when needed can take some of the responsibility off your shoulders so you don’t burn out. 


MYTH: I Won’t Have Any Control Over Who Comes Into My Loved One’s Home

Truth: Agencies value your feedback and can switch your caregiver if you request.

Home care agencies work hard to match your loved one with the best caregiver for their needs and personality. However, if you feel that the assigned caregiver isn’t the right fit for your family, you can request a new one. Your feedback is always valued and taken into account when it comes to your loved one’s care. 


MYTH: Home Care is Only for Seniors 

Truth: People can develop conditions at any age where they may require extra help at home.

It’s true that many home care recipients are seniors. However, in-home care services can be helpful for younger people who are physically or developmentally disabled or recovering from surgery. Our caretakers are experienced in working with teens, adults, and seniors who have a variety of conditions including but not limited to cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, and cancer. 


MYTH: Caretakers Don’t Care About Their Patients

Truth: Most caregivers join the profession to make a positive difference.

The vast majority of caregivers join this profession because they want to make a difference in the lives of their patients. You may have heard stories about one of the few bad apples but here at Professional Caretakers we only hire the absolute best. 

To ensure that we hire only the best professionals in the industry, we perform thorough background and reference checks. We’re also one of the few agencies that’s Caregiver Quality Assurance certified, which means all of our caregivers undergo a detailed personality assessment. We only hire providers with a warm, nurturing personality who will go the extra mile to brighten your loved one’s day.


MYTH: Nursing Homes Provide Higher Quality Care 

Truth:  In-home care provides high-quality one-on-one care that many don’t get in a nursing home.

Many people believe that nursing homes are better equipped to care for seniors than in-home caregivers. Unfortunately, studies have shown that 90% of nursing homes are understaffed. One nurse’s aide may be responsible for taking care of up to 30 patients, which can lead to neglect. That’s why some families choose to hire outside caregivers to supplement the care their loved one receives from their nursing home or assisted living facility. 

Whether your loved one is in a nursing home or aging in place, they can benefit from one-on-one care. Our dedicated caregivers focus solely on your family member’s health and wellbeing. They provide a level of individualized attention that isn’t always possible in care facilities and form close bonds with the people they serve. They also undergo rigorous training and background checks, so your family member will be in the very best hands. 


Contact us to explore your options and learn more about the quality care and services Professional Caretakers can provide for your family. With the responsibility of managing your loved one’s care taken off of your shoulders, you’ll have more free time to enjoy with your family and that itself is very valuable. 

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