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7 Creative Gift Ideas for Seniors

gift giving and senior careTired of wandering the stores searching for the perfect gift for Grandma and coming up with the same old ideas: socks, perfume, fruitcake? What can you give to a senior loved one who has given so much of her time and love to you and your family over the years, and who seems to have everything she needs, or not enough room to display yet another knick-knack?

Once again, the senior care experts at Professional Caretakers have come to the rescue with some innovative and very thoughtful gift ideas that are sure to delight even the most difficult gift recipient on your list this year. Some of our clients’ favorite gifts received over the years include:

  • A book of coupons redeemable for things like running errands, housekeeping, or fixing meals.
  • Tickets for to the local theatre or museum. Offer to provide transportation to and from shows or events.
  • Large print magazines and books.
  • A membership for an emergency response system.
  • Deliver a gift basket of fresh fruits each month.
  • A monthly lunch or dinner date.
  • A basket of crafts that they can do on their own or with grandchildren.

Looking for some additional ideas? Give us a call at 877-921-9500 and learn more about the ways we’ve been bringing joy to seniors and their families through home care services for over 25 years.