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8 Creative Ways To Save Your Favorite Family Photos

As September is ‘save your photo’ month, we should remember to store our best memories in a neat way, especially if we have collected a lot of them over the years. Ask your parents to choose and reorganize the best pictures they have, the type of decoration, the materials, the colors, and make one of these 8 creative ideas come to life. While getting to work, you will all appreciate the time spent together while giving a new meaning to your old photos, since it will also remind you of family gatherings and shared memories.

1.Make the best uses of your polaroids

Hang your polaroids

Having polaroids is a blessing- while digital images are functional in many ways, polaroids are in fact more versatile, especially when it comes to creative projects. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about saving one’s photos, is to hang them in a significative place of the house, such as the living room. With polaroids, this is much easier, since it is one of their direct uses- string them up, and you instantly have a beautiful and meaningful decoration.

Polaroids necklace

What about wearing photos as a way of saving them? Mini-polaroids necklaces are cute and personal- if you don’t know where to start, just ask your local photographer to help you with the dimensions, choose a cute chain and you are good to show it off.

Scratch-off cards to say ‘I love you’ and ‘Thank you’

Don’t panic anymore when it comes to special gift occasions like birthdays or Valentine’s day- scratch-off cards will get you the surprise effect you have always wanted. Just mix acrylic paint of a color of your choice together with dish soap to make your polaroid scratchable. Write a meaningful sentence and a date to make the gift more remarkable.

2. Fancy pillows

Did you know you could print your pictures onto pillows? Whether they are nature photos, or family ones, it doesn’t matter- they will look great on your bed and sofa. Just go to the photographer’s to make it professionally or do it yourself, if you feel like being creative. Find in stores the transfer paper onto which you will have to print your selected picture, and iron it carefully onto a light-colored pillow.

3. A special phone case

This idea is a very easy way to celebrate the ‘save your picture’ month. In fact, you just need a printer and a transparent phone case, along with some glue and additional decorations (glitter, for example) of your liking. Another option is to iron the image onto the phone case. Either way, as a result, you will always have your picture- or collage of pictures- with you.

4. Unique tote bags

A tote bag with a beautiful, personal picture is absolutely unique. Not only it is a great gift, it also makes a useful everyday accessory, especially for seniors. After choosing your best picture, and maybe editing it with a nice sentence, put it on the cotton bag with transfer paper or have it done by an expert.

5. Wooden photos

It may seem difficult at a first glance, but there are many easy ways to transfer photos on wood and make awesome decorations to hang in your house. The quickest technique is to use wax- there are many tutorials on the internet that show you how to achieve the best result, and learning something new with your parents will make a rewarding experience. Be careful, though- your picture will come out mirrored, and you will have to change it with an editing program before printing it.

6. Custom magnets

What about a magnet collage of photos? Not only it is budget-friendly, but also very easy to realize. Ask your parents to choose the most beautiful pictures- it could be one for each member of the family, but a nice option could also be landscapes or meaningful places you have visited together.

7. Snow globes

Let it snow! This creative way to save your family photos is perfect for the coldest months. After purchasing pictures insert snow globes in stores or online, you just need to easily assemble the pieces. For a nicer decoration, choose a globe that lights up!

8.Artsy set of pencils

Is there an artist in your family? If so, it would be a great idea to make a set of pencils that displays one of your most beautiful pictures. Furthermore, you can match the creation with a custom printed pencil case and scrapbook. Not only it will be very useful, but also definitely unique.