8 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day With Elderly Parents

Understanding important environmental issues means to keep in mind what direction we, as a species will be headed. Earth Day is a good occasion to spend time with your family, making experiences that could be a bit out of the ordinary.


1. Go to an Earth Day event

From New York to Rome, there are so many Earth Day events set up by local organizations you could choose from. Most specifically, they can be divided into different categories, all with the aim to make people more sensitive to the topic of Earth protection- the ones that should appeal to you are music and culture. In some places, the events will include workshops set up by researchers and artists- that is a good occasion to do something special, but in this case, it is better to get information in advance. A very common activity is that of cleaning up beaches and public places from waste that could harm not only water-living creatures but also humans in the long run.


2. Cook an Earth Day-themed meal

Did you know a plant-based diet is more sustainable for the environment? If you didn’t, it would be a nice idea to cook an Earth Day-themed meal to be more aware of what adopting a different diet would mean. Of course, this doesn’t imply to change forever what one is used to, but rather to get to know some ingredients better. Go to the local grocery store and buy some fruits and vegetables you like. Then, get creative and think about the endless possibilities that come from all those ingredients- you can make vegetable lasagna, a ratatouille, a cheesecake, guacamole…


3. Get a new plant

Getting a new plant and taking care of it is the best way to celebrate Earth Day. If your parents like gardening and have a garden of their own, it would be great to plant a tree, something that lasts for a very long time. Otherwise, get suggestions from the gardener at the store if you want to buy a plant that takes up less space. The most important thing, in this case, is to buy something that can actually live where you place it. In fact, not every plant you buy, as well as some animals, are meant to live in the same climate you are used to. Get to know their story and geographic locations, and make a good choice.


4. Get rid of things together you don’t need any more

Earth Day means to reduce waste- in the general sense. Reflect together about throwing things you don’t need anymore- paying attention to recycling- and think about buying new, ethical items to replace those you don’t want.


5. Watch an Earth Day-themed movie

You can be inspired by protecting the planet without leaving your house. In fact, watching a movie at home with your parents is the best choice if they don’t feel like going out, but still, want to be involved in the celebration. There is a wide range of choices, going from documentaries from action movies, and most of them are family-friendly- you can all sit down and enjoy them.

If you and your parents don’t have the chance to go to a park as often as you would like, this could be a good occasion to explore something new. Go on a guided trip or on your own, to discover the beauty of local flora and fauna. Take pictures along the way, you will learn so much and will want to keep a memory of every moment!


7. Visit a zoo

Animals are one of the focus of Earth Day since the number of endangered species is increasing more and more. Visiting your local zoo will make you more aware of the species that need to be protected and supported over the next decades. There are great Zoos across Texas in the areas we serve such as Fort Worth, Dallas, and San Antonio.


8. Try a different way of making coffee

Eco-friendly coffee is something we don’t often hear about. However, it is worth giving it a shot, since using fewer products to make your morning brew is a way to help to protect the planet. Also, keep in mind to reuse coffee grounds in your garden!