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8 Ways to Celebrate the Holiday Season with your Elderly Parents



The holiday season means to make the most out of family time. Sharing important experiences together is, in fact, absolutely fundamental in order to make everlasting memories- that makes caring for senior meaningful.

1. Create the Atmosphere

The holiday atmosphere can be shared all around one’s home, so light some scented candles around the house to create a more appetizing vibe. There are many different themes you can choose- Christmas-themed candles, for instance, are nice because they add a special touch to your bedroom or living room. If you celebrate Kwanzaa, instead, choose the Kinara on which to place your candles with your parents. Picking symbolic objects together, in fact, is a meaningful step towards the recognition of a mutual will of sharing pieces of your lives. While you do this, add your favorite holiday tunes and set a fire. Just sitting around the home with your loved one’s will create a wonderful atmosphere this holiday season.

2. Choose a Nice Holiday Outfit Together

Aren’t matching outfits a timeless treasure? Even if you and your elderly parents don’t share the same taste in clothing, it is a nice idea to spend some time choosing something for all of you to wear. It doesn’t have to be brand new, even though it would be a nice experience to browse in department stores for the same perfect-for-holidays sweater, or even matching happy socks. Be creative and show off to the rest of the family with a holiday card! Take lots of pictures in the process.

3. Bake!

Who doesn’t love baking? If you know your parents’ favorite desserts, it would be great to ask them to prepare something together that all of you can appreciate. Do you have a particular memory connected to that, or does your religion have a particular food you have to eat during this time? If possible, include whoever you can- especially the youngest of the family!

4. Set Up the Tree

A nicely decorated tree is beautiful even if you don’t celebrate Christmas. Your parents will love to help you choose the best lights and decorations for the tree. Try to include something different than usual- hang cookies, for instance, or pictures of your family. Choose a color scheme and follow it, or decide to let the randomness lead the work. All in all, what matters is to find the tree beautiful when entering the room- and to know it was all because of you and your family.

5. You Could Use Some Friends

It is hard for the elder to connect with people their age, especially during the holiday season. However, it would be a great idea to invite some of your parents’ friends over for a tea or dinner, especially if you previously set up some nice decorations to show off.

6. Visit Some Holiday Markets

Are there some holiday markets nearby? Let’s go! Make yourselves at ease with all the lights, special crafts and great local food. Your parents will love to do something different of this type, and you may find something you need as well!

7. Presents and Cards

Choose together the presents to give your family and make your parents write (or draw, if they can) something on the attached cards. The search for the best is what matters- it will make them feel important and involved, and you will manage to have some quality time together while remembering the things you love about your family.

8. Relax Time!

If you are looking for something more relaxing to do, why don’t you choose some movies to (re)watch together with your elderly parents? No walking/baking/decorating involved, just you three and a hot drink to sip. What’s a more holiday-ish activity than this?