9 Games To Help Fight Memory Loss

Memory is a fundamental aspect of our lives, as we are constantly forced to use our minds. What many people don’t know is that memory can be portrayed as a muscle the more you exercise it, the better it will perform. As we age, we will inevitably lose the ability to remember everything, and patience will have to become our closest ally. To help your parents cope with the problem of memory loss, and make them feel like it is a mission you are all in together as a family, we suggest highly effective solution games.

Who doesn’t love playing together after dinner, spending some family quality time? Not only will it creates some of our best memories, but it could become more than just having fun. In this article, we will show you 9 ways games can keep your elderly parents’ memory in shape, getting such a fun activity it will never look like a chore.

1. Scrabble

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Learning a new word every day is a great exercise for our memory, but what about using the ones we already know in a creative way? Scrabble is the perfect game to combine fun and work, as it makes us think in different ways than the ones we are used to. Everyone knows how to play it, and it could go on for hours!

2. Bridge

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Bridge is one of those games everyone, especially at an old age knows how to play. It stimulates our thinking process, since it requires us to remember your partner’s moves and to react impulsively.

3. Play chess or checkers

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Both chess and checkers are strategy games we usually learn at a young age. Never forget the rules and they could be the path to fight memory loss! Because you must play with a partner, chess and checkers are particularly effective in exercising our intellectual activity, especially if we can associate a good memory with the action of acquiring information. Motivate your elderly parents to play with you or your children, and it will soon become a weekly appointment!

4. Puzzles

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150 Pieces puzzles are enough to make our memory work. They are considered the perfect example of “mind exercises”, since their function is to “stretch” our minds- we get to develop neuroplasticity, and even fight anxiety and depression while increasing our social abilities. When we try to complete a puzzle, we are not distracted by external factors like our everyday life, but we are still required to be focused on the activity. This is the reason why your elderly parents could find puzzles a valid way to forget the routine while exercising their memory.

5. Origami

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Origami are beautiful decorations, but their making requires patience. If your elderly parents can bear the thought of learning a new activity, this may be the most creative of our list. In fact, learning how to make origamis makes us able to reproduce them over and over, and this is a key factor in fighting memory loss. Choose the right paper, click on some youtube tutorials you can watch and pause as you fold, and then choose a place in the house to showcase every type of origami you have managed to create!

6. Memory – literally

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Not to state the obvious – we can already see what it does from the name, but Memory is one of those games that will never go out of fashion.

7. Battleship

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Thought for the most competitive parents, battleship is one of the number one strategy games. Not only it is fun to find techniques to beat the enemy, but it also forces us to “think outside the box” if we want to win. This is a game everyone loves- the perfect scenario to achieve the most fun would be pairing children in the family with the elders.

8. Crosswords

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If your parents don’t already do crosswords, they must try it at least! The exercise of having to remember a word after being given an instruction keeps our memory dynamic, and completing every blank space is actually very rewarding. Although this is mostly a solitary game, it is absolutely possible for everyone to take part in the activity, even the youngest members of the family.

9. Movie memory game

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Watch a movie together with your parents, and then play at who can write down the highest number of places or characters’ names that were in the movie. Then, choose a sweet reward, such as the first slice of cake or cook them their favorite meal.