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Professional Caretakers

Providing Quality Home Care in Texas

  • 1We provide at-home care with CNAs (certified nursing assistants), homemakers, and personal assistants. We offer companion and sitter services too.
  • 2We provide care for as little as an hour’s visit up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays!
  • 3We can go to your home, nursing home, assisted living apartment, or hospital room.
  • 4We can work with your insurance company to provide as much care as possible with minimal or no payment from you.


We all deserve the independence and dignity that comes with staying at home.

Why Us?

Professional Caretakers is NOT a large franchise, but is family owned and operated.

Why Home Care?

Familiar surroundings and one on one care is ALWAYS best.


Here is some additional info about our company and our care.


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Beliefs & Values

My Core Values
and Beliefs

  1. 1The family is the singular most significant factor influencing human identity.
  2. 2Family-based therapy is a powerful model for change, one that not only helps people cope with major life issues, but that can ultimately transform how we lead our lives, resulting in healthier communities and societies,resulting in healthier communities and societies.
  3. 3Quality mental health care should be available to all who need it regardless of their financial resources.
  4. 4Today “family” takes many forms and is comprised of people joined together by biology, intentionality and/or law.

The Stories of Success

“My mind and in particular my thoughts used to be all over the map. My thought processes were cluttered and I searched for truth and peace in my life, doubting that I would ever find it. I live now for the present. Thank you.

Leona & Alvin

Leona & Alvin

“When I first met Callie Britt I began a journey of self-discovery of challenging how I perceive myself in all my relationships in life both past and present and future ones. I now approach people and situations with new hope.

Casey & Christina

Casey & Christina

“We were in a very bad place and you really stopped us from going down a terrible path. However, we both heard from you things we didn’t necessarily want to hear but needed to. But now we slowly improving in our marriage.

Simona & Michael

Simona & Michael