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Ageless Holiday Traditions: Keeping the Elderly Connected

holiday senior careIn our last blog, we shared the idea of families working together to create a memory book with a senior loved one. Because of the overwhelming response from our readers, we wanted to share some additional ideas for ways to allow frail seniors to be included in the holiday festivities.

Since the busyness of the holiday season can be exhausting and overwhelming for many elders, they can sometimes feel left out. With a little pre-planning, however, appropriate adjustments to favorite old traditions can be made (or new traditions started) that the whole family can enjoy together. Allowing your senior loved one to be a part of this planning will help make the occasion more comfortable for everyone.

Remember to maintain realistic expectations and have fun! Below are a few holiday traditions that family members of all ages can enjoy.

  • Play holiday music. Put on a festive CD or gather around the piano for a holiday sing-along.
  • Share memories. The holidays are a great time to reminisce, and older family members often love to share stories. Engage them in a trip down memory lane.
  • Help decorate the senior’s home. Decorations are a wonderful way to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Offer to help your elderly loved one set up and decorate a tree, hang wreaths, or string lights. Also, make yourself available after the holidays to help take down and store the decorations.
  • Put together a holiday photo album. Sorting through old holiday photos and recalling all the memories is fun for all ages and is a great, simple way to include a senior in the festivities.

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