8 Reasons Why Seniors Should Volunteer

People of all ages can benefit from volunteering, but seniors stand to gain the most from giving back. Volunteering can help seniors make new friends, lessen feelings of loneliness and depression, reduce their risk of getting dementia, and more.

With so many great reasons to volunteer, we think that every senior should try it! Keep reading to learn more about the benefits that seniors can experience by volunteering.

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Volunteering Provides Social Connection

According to AARP, as many as 17% of older Americans are lonely and socially isolated. Social isolation has a number of negative health consequences, including increased risk of depression and heart disease. Isolated seniors may also experience more rapid cognitive decline than their active, socially involved peers.

Volunteering is an excellent way for seniors to get the social interaction they need to have happy, healthy golden years. Volunteer opportunities like mentoring children or entrepreneurs allow them to build close relationships with others, which helps prevent loneliness.

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It Provides Structure

It can be hard for new retirees to establish routines. With years of free time stretching out before them, sticking to a schedule just doesn’t seem necessary. But without a schedule, retirees often spend too much time watching television and not enough time on the hobbies and social activities that will make their retirement fulfilling.

Seniors can prevent themselves from becoming too sedentary by scheduling some regular, weekly activities for themselves like volunteering. Volunteering gives them some structure and routine and gets them out of the house for a few hours. It won’t fill up their entire schedule, but it’s a great start!

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It’s Free

Many seniors are on fixed incomes and can’t afford to spend a lot of money on hobbies and activities. Besides transportation costs, volunteering is free, so it’s a great way for them to fill their time.

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Volunteering Keeps Seniors Sharp

Studies have shown that volunteering improves working memory and cognitive processing in older adults. Volunteering has also been shown to lower their chances of getting dementia.

The best kinds of volunteer opportunities will enable seniors to learn new things and solve problems. Being a member at a museum or a volunteer for a political campaign, for example, will engage their minds and keep them sharp.

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It Gets Seniors Moving

Volunteering helps keep seniors fit, too. Helping out in the community garden or at the local animal shelter will get their body moving, which is important for their physical health.

Regular physical activity can prevent older adults from getting health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. It can also help with arthritis pain and reduce the risk of bone fractures. Staying active is good for their mental health too—it improves their mood and reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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It Helps Them to Follow Their Passions

Many people have hobbies and passions that they didn’t get to pursue during their work years. Retirement is a great time to explore those passions, and volunteering can help them do it.

If a senior has a passion for animals and wildlife, for example, volunteering is the perfect way to pursue it. Zoos, aquariums, and animal shelters are all fantastic places to interact with and learn more about animals, and they all need volunteers.

Volunteer opportunities are available for just about every hobby or interest. With a little research, most seniors will be able to find volunteer work that aligns with their interests and passions.

Volunteering Makes Seniors Happier

When seniors know that they’re making a difference in the lives of people in their community, it improves their lives, too.

Studies have shown that volunteering makes seniors happier. It’s no surprise that volunteering wards off depression and gives them a greater sense of purpose. There are few things in life that are more rewarding than lending others a helping hand and making their lives better.

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It Helps Seniors Build Their Legacy

With more time on their hands, retirees may start to think about how they’ll be remembered. They may want to make a difference in the world, be remembered for the good they’ve done, and leave a legacy for future generations.

Volunteering is a wonderful way to accomplish all of those things. Seniors can choose a cause they truly care about, like animal welfare or literacy, and get deeply involved with it to build a lasting legacy.

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Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

There are many organizations that provide volunteer opportunities for seniors. Senior Corps, for example, is a government agency that has multiple volunteer programs geared towards adults 55 and older.

Through Senior Corps, seniors can become a Foster Grandparent and help mentor and tutor children in their community.

Senior Corps also offers a variety of other opportunities, such as renovating homes and helping people affected by natural disasters, through their RSVP program.

These are far from the only opportunities available to seniors. So many organizations need help! Using websites like VolunteerMatch.org, seniors can find opportunities that align with their skills and passions.

For more local opportunities seniors can check out their city website. Once they experience all of these benefits of volunteering firsthand, they might just become lifelong volunteers!

Fun Spring Exercises For Seniors

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Yoga is an ancient Hindu practice that combines slow movements, stretching, holding specific body postures, breathing, and meditation and brings with it stronger muscles and relaxation. Currently Yoga is the most popular fitness activity in most states in the U.S. beating out jogging and running, and continues to grow in popularity. Yoga includes stretching exercises that can alleviate pain from chronic conditions and diseases that affect the elderly like osteoporosis and fights against the risks of an increasingly sedentary lifestyle many seniors slip into in their golden years.

One study also showed that practicing Yoga significantly increased the quality of life, mood, and reduced fatigue for seniors who did it compared to those who did walking exercises or the control group which made no changes to their exercise habits.

It is possible to do yoga on your own, the most important thing is to be somewhere quiet. Therefore, it is best to keep far from crowded areas. Try to look for places at parks and beaches where a lot of people are not at, or even the comfort of a room in your own house where you can be wrapped in seclusion and quietness.

For those who want to train in a group instead, there are many options for group yoga including public events held at parks and rec centers and yoga studios, small gyms dedicated to group yoga fitness.

Here are a few special types of yoga you can also try:

Dog Yoga

If you like yoga and have a dog, this is the perfect opportunity to merge the benefits together and to spend some quality time with your beloved puppy. Dog yoga, also called Doga, started in the U.S. but is now practiced in many countries like Japan and Germany. It includes specific positions of classic yoga, along with meditation and breathing techniques to do together with your dog. This type of yoga requires two trainers to assist – one for people and one specialized in animal stretching and muscular relaxation.

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Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga has been incredibly popular over the past few years. It combines classic yoga poses along with baby barnyard goats hopping around. While Yoga is intended to be done in silence, Goat Yoga tends to be more about having fun and being around the baby goats while they bleat and do adorable things.

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2. Swimming

Seniors need a lifestyle in which exercise has a significant role, in order to fight the natural aging processes. Swimming is a sport with many benefits, not only does it help increases the heart rate without putting stress on the body, but it also helps to manage weight

Where to do it? If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, take a swim. If you don’t have a pool head on over to your local gym, you can also join a water aerobics class. If you prefer more of a nature surrounding go to a nearby lake or a beach. In this case, it is important to check the weather every time before going, but the advantage is that you can bring everyone you want with you, have fun with your grandchildren and forget that you are exercising. If you don’t know how to swim or much rather stay on land then these actives are more for you.

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3. Hiking and Walks

While yoga and swimming require silence, hiking and walks don’t. If you are on your own, you can listen to music while walking around your block or a nearby park, if you are with someone, you can chat and let the time pass very quickly. Every place and occasion are perfect to go for a walk, the most important thing is to find something to keep yourself entertained, even a specific after-exercise goal, to keep doing it periodically.

Ideally, you want to go for a walk when the sun is not too hot or in a shaded area. Don’t forget to keep hydrated, bring a bottle of water on long walks is important. If you plan to be out for the whole day bring something to eat that won’t go bad. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the scenery with your loved ones. If the slow pace of walking is not for you then try going for a bike ride.

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4. Cycling

For cycling lovers, take an easy paved trail with little to no hills, if you don’t own a bike or are not able to cycle compliantly on your own then here are some options for you to try.

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• E-bikes
Many sports can cause major problems to the joints, but not cycling, especially with an E-Bike. If it has been a long time since you last cycled, it is better to start with the aid of the engine and then change gradually.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

• Two seater bikes
Have fun with a loved one or a friend with a tandem. It helps those with limited mobility without limiting the pleasure of riding a bike.

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• Trio bike
The triobike taxi is the safest option for those who have problems moving but still want to enjoy their ride. Have your loved one take you out on a ride while you enjoy the wind blow through your hair.

8 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day With Elderly Parents

Understanding important environmental issues means to keep in mind what direction we, as a species will be headed. Earth Day is a good occasion to spend time with your family, making experiences that could be a bit out of the ordinary.


1. Go to an Earth Day event

From New York to Rome, there are so many Earth Day events set up by local organizations you could choose from. Most specifically, they can be divided into different categories, all with the aim to make people more sensitive to the topic of Earth protection- the ones that should appeal to you are music and culture. In some places, the events will include workshops set up by researchers and artists- that is a good occasion to do something special, but in this case, it is better to get information in advance. A very common activity is that of cleaning up beaches and public places from waste that could harm not only water-living creatures but also humans in the long run.


2. Cook an Earth Day-themed meal

Did you know a plant-based diet is more sustainable for the environment? If you didn’t, it would be a nice idea to cook an Earth Day-themed meal to be more aware of what adopting a different diet would mean. Of course, this doesn’t imply to change forever what one is used to, but rather to get to know some ingredients better. Go to the local grocery store and buy some fruits and vegetables you like. Then, get creative and think about the endless possibilities that come from all those ingredients- you can make vegetable lasagna, a ratatouille, a cheesecake, guacamole…


3. Get a new plant

Getting a new plant and taking care of it is the best way to celebrate Earth Day. If your parents like gardening and have a garden of their own, it would be great to plant a tree, something that lasts for a very long time. Otherwise, get suggestions from the gardener at the store if you want to buy a plant that takes up less space. The most important thing, in this case, is to buy something that can actually live where you place it. In fact, not every plant you buy, as well as some animals, are meant to live in the same climate you are used to. Get to know their story and geographic locations, and make a good choice.


4. Get rid of things together you don’t need any more

Earth Day means to reduce waste- in the general sense. Reflect together about throwing things you don’t need anymore- paying attention to recycling- and think about buying new, ethical items to replace those you don’t want.


5. Watch an Earth Day-themed movie

You can be inspired by protecting the planet without leaving your house. In fact, watching a movie at home with your parents is the best choice if they don’t feel like going out, but still, want to be involved in the celebration. There is a wide range of choices, going from documentaries from action movies, and most of them are family-friendly- you can all sit down and enjoy them.

If you and your parents don’t have the chance to go to a park as often as you would like, this could be a good occasion to explore something new. Go on a guided trip or on your own, to discover the beauty of local flora and fauna. Take pictures along the way, you will learn so much and will want to keep a memory of every moment!


7. Visit a zoo

Animals are one of the focus of Earth Day since the number of endangered species is increasing more and more. Visiting your local zoo will make you more aware of the species that need to be protected and supported over the next decades. There are great Zoos across Texas in the areas we serve such as Fort Worth, Dallas, and San Antonio.


8. Try a different way of making coffee

Eco-friendly coffee is something we don’t often hear about. However, it is worth giving it a shot, since using fewer products to make your morning brew is a way to help to protect the planet. Also, keep in mind to reuse coffee grounds in your garden!

10 Ways To Help Prevent Depression In Seniors

Depression in seniors is a very serious matter everyone should care about. In fact, there are multiple factors that can bring to it, and that is why it is very common, especially among men. When aging, an elder person can find themselves quite isolated, but too proud to ask for help from their close ones. Having to deal with that, health problems of every sort and fatigue, along with chemical imbalance, can cause a deep feeling of inadequacy, and the awareness that it is not rewarding anymore to do the things one liked the most.
For instance, one could adore reading, but is not able to because their sight is deteriorating. Although this is perfectly normal, there are many ways to outbalance and improve such problems, most of which are due to the improvement of technology. Because these problems involve everyone’s lives, it is important to reflect on them and to reach together the best solution possible with care and love. Here are 10 ways to help prevent depression in seniors:

Elderly couple

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1. Don’t leave them alone!

Seniors feel often isolated because we get caught up in our lives, having to deal with work, a family, and other personal problems. The fact is that it is a matter of laziness not having 10 minutes to call your loved ones daily, and to plan something to do once a week with them. If you have a family and kids, you could also make calls in turns so that your parents will hear different voices and different stories.
If you live far from your loved ones, and they don’t like to use the phone, write them letters and attach something unique- a bookmark, a pin, a postcard… to the letter.

women reading a book

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2. Books

Books are great at keeping company, but they are also an addictive hobby that an elder person can share with their family and friends. This is why, if your parents don’t live near a local library or a bookshop, you should be the one to get them books- when they will be finished, your loved ones can borrow them to a member of your family and then talk about their impressions. For the most technological seniors, an eReader is the perfect option, since it doesn’t tire eyes, it is very simple to use, and has a lot of functionalities they could use.
If your parents can’t read because of sight impairments, it would be a great idea to read a book out loud together or, even better, to use audiobooks. Not only are they great to hear, but they also add something to the story, such as background sounds and music, that one wouldn’t have in the paper format.

elderly women gardening

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3. Gardening

Gardening is a long-term passion, meaning that you have to have patience and daily time to dedicate to it. Since it is something that involves a routine, gardening is a great hobby to pick up to prevent depression, because it gives motivation to grow some plants in order to reach a goal (it could be growing your own fruits and vegetables), but it is also possible to switch something up every time, such as changing type of plant/flower to cultivate, when one gets bored of it.

group of seniors sitting at a table

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4. Senior clubs

Senior clubs are great if you feel like your elderly parents need to interact more with someone their age and keep in touch with the outer world. There are many types of clubs- book clubs, for instance-, that usually go on with weekly dinners, fun games and contests, etc.

grandmother cooking

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5. Cooking

Cooking is a great activity one can do alone or in a group. With the aid of the internet, it is now possible to look for video recipes and new cooking ideas from all over the world. Because many seniors already know how to cook, a good idea would be to gather together weekly and prepare a meal together, but if you want to do something more challenging, meet up for an ‘ethnic food night’ in which each of you tries to cook a dish of a specific foreign cuisine. Your senior loved one could practice during the week, and learn more about different countries through internet searches, TV and movies.

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6. Cinema membership card

If your parents like movies, and the cinema is not that far away- why not gift them with a cinema membership card? They will be able to see a number of films when they want, so that they will have an external distraction. Morning movies are great because they could meet people their age there and bond.
If they can’t go to the cinema, though, DVDs are your best option.

pictures on a wall

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7. Clean house

A clean house is one of the secrets to prevent depression. Why? When people age, it is more difficult for them to take care of the house but, at the same time, it is never pleasant to live somewhere unclean. This is why helping your parents to clean their house, which means allowing them to do a bit of the work so that they play a role in it too, is really important. Good living conditions are fundamental, although sometimes underrated.

people looking at paintings

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8. Go to museums together

A really fun thing to do together with your elderly parents is to go to museums- you can explore art, discover something curious about history, try all the museum cafeterias- they are usually great!

elderly hands

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9. Listen to them

This tip could be obvious to some, but it must never be taken for granted. When you are together, really listen to your parents’ thoughts and feelings, interact with them to demonstrate you care, even if it means to go through memory lane for the hundredth time, or play that game you never really liked just because they have fun. It is a small action on your part, but it means a lot to them.

doctor in blue

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10. Get regularly checked by a doctor

Last but not least, go regularly to the doctor’s in order to be sure everything is fine, and that there are no supplements to be taken.

Do You Really Need To Take Vitamins?

A recent article on the New York Times states that more than 50% of Americans take vitamin supplements. Among those are over 65, the percentage rises to 68%. Similar numbers concern many western countries, Europe in particular, where there is a widespread belief that vitamins can never be enough. When does taking multivitamin supplements become important?

More than 70% 0f 60+ Americans are used to having at least one type of vitamin supplement, as a study published by the Journal Of Nutrition in 2017 says, we can imagine the statistics for the vitamin market in the next five years will be interestingly increasing. However, what makes the data actually different from some other geographic realities is how the supplements are advertised. It is not a sole suggestion of the doctor when looking at the patient’s blood analyses anymore, it is not even the TV commercials we see everyday, which vary when the season changes, but it is rather websites and social media the main means to reach new consumers.

Furthermore, because of the aesthetic factor, that has to be expressed in the form of beautifully-packaged multivitamins, now supplements have to be appealing in their consistency and use- consumers requiring them to be a gummy or liquid-shaped experience.

What is the purpose of taking vitamins and food supplements?

Vitamins and food supplements are an effective way to improve health and well-being. Other purposes are to prevent diseases and to counteract the effects of age and wrong habits- little to none physical exercise, smoking and excessive eating combined with a poor diet. Other aims are the reintegration of mineral losses and the growth of muscle mass.

Vitamin supplements in the elderly

The Benefits of a Professional Caretakers Love
As the age rises, the goals change. Some adults know they eat badly and think they can replace food with supplements. Typically, these are people who are attentive to their state of health.

This leads to some of them to be willing to preserve their state of health and maintain their physical performance for as long as possible. Generally, it is possible to say there is a lot of attention and trust towards the idea that vitamins can avoid and prevent the onset of certain diseases.

A different topic concerns the over-75s. For this category, in addition to the social and economic situation that could compromise a healthy, balanced diet, we must take into account any problem related to chewing and possible difficulties in finding fresh food every day. In this case it becomes very important to make up for vitamin deficiencies through supplements, which should always, be taken under medical instructions.

Multivitamin supplements vs proper nutrition

In a young or healthy adult, a well-balanced diet is enough to bring the necessary vitamins in, while conditions of deficiency should be managed under medical supervision, never with a do-it-yourself approach.

Another important point is that vitamins must be taken in well-defined quantities. If these are exceeded, as can happen in orthorexic patients, there is a risk of serious consequences. Vitamin A, often taken as tablets to stimulate tanning, is a fat-soluble molecule that accumulates in the liver. If the quantity exceeds the level necessary for the body’s needs, the system is altered.

Folic acid

A commonly used supplement is folic acid. It is usually recommended to pregnant women with the aim of preventing neural tube defects in the fetus. In this case, it is possible to talk about real prevention, since its assumption must start at least one or two months before conception, and not when the pregnancy has already begun.

Vitamin D

In addition to folic acid, in recent years many scientists have focused on the study of vitamin D, in order to define its role and possible uses.

While scientific researches are discovering more and more organic functions for this molecule, on the other hand, we spend less and less hours outside. In addition to that, because of sunscreens, the body’s ability to synthesize the molecule is reduced.


Along with vitamin D, another supplement to be taken by adults aged >65 is calcium. It is fundamental for a good maintenance of bone health, something that becomes weaker as we age.

What you don’t need to buy

Think twice, instead, before taking fish oil and vitamin B- unless you are affected by a disease that requires a specific daily amount of them, those supplements are only effectively processed by our organism through the intake of fish, cereal, and products that contain grain.

8 unusual uses for a cane

Canes have existed since the very beginning of mankind. Not only they were used for medical aid, but also to keep track of time, seasons, numbers- especially regarding basic and advanced math operations. As symbols, staffs could indicate power, as seen in ancient Egypt, and even war victories, as proved by the decorations American Indians applied to their canes to celebrate their success. When there was something heavy to carry back and forth, canes were used to ease the trip, while those who traveled needed them as well to be more balanced and have something that could defend them in case of danger.

Now you know canes aren’t only used by the elderly, but they are, instead, a very useful item for all ages and needs. Below, some tips that remind you how canes are usually undervalued.

1. It is great for hiking

Every cane has a hidden potential- in fact, you can use it if you go trekking or hiking. It doesn’t need to be strictly adventurous- a walk in a park will do- but, with the help of a cane, you will stay balanced when the ground is unreliable and you will prepared for every kind of danger. If you are planning to go on a pilgrimage, consider it will be a very useful tool to hang your clothes on, among other uses you can make of it. You can even find out how deep is the water you want to trespass!

2. A cane is a defense instrument

Defend yourself when being attacked- a cane comes handy in this kind of situations. Whether you feel you can potentially face dangerous situations, or you are just anxious something unwanted might happen to you, take your cane with you wherever you go. You never know how useful it can turn out to be!

3. Grab items from high above

You don’t need to use a ladder or stand on a chair every time you have to reach an item you are too short for. If it is something soft, just use your cane! It is easier and takes up way less time. Also, you can use it to turn the lights on or off without moving from where you are.

4. It is a fashionable item

Do you like the vintage look? Then, a cane is exactly what you need. It comes in infinite shapes and materials to fit your look, adding that elegant, refined touch to your elegant style. But if you want to look more into it, remember there is a wide range of unusual canes on the market, that have hidden features for who likes fun objects- you can find canes able to take pictures, or some you can drink water from- there are countless options! Furthermore, the story of every cane and the way it has been made- the more original, the more unique and certainly the more expensive- are the features that make it special. You can choose between the classic gold and silver, but also opt for animal-derived materials like their bones. Finally, the shape of the handles- a typical curve or a human head?

5. Pick up the things on the floor

Why do you have to stand up and bend if all you need to do when something falls on the floor is to use a cane and pick it up?

6. Shoo away animals

Are there some animals or pests that are making you upset? No worries- your cane will shoo them away, and they will soon learn not to be anywhere near you.

7. You can play with it

This requires a little fantasy, but what game doesn’t? You can use your cane to play with your friends- fight, limbo, capture the flag or make it a football match- the options are unlimited.

8. Be more steady when you are hunting

Every expert hunter knows a firearm needs firm support in order to be efficient. This is why a cane- one with a forked end- is perfect when your aim is an accurate shot.

9 Games To Help Fight Memory Loss

Memory is a fundamental aspect of our lives, as we are constantly forced use our minds. What many people don’t know is that memory can be portrayed as a muscle the more you exercise it, the better it will perform. As we age, we will inevitably lose the ability to remember everything, and patience will have to become our closest ally. To help your parents cope with the problem of memory loss, and make them feel like it is a mission you are all in together as a family, we suggest a highly effective solution games.

Who doesn’t love playing together after dinner, spending some family quality time? Not only will it creates some of our best memories, but it could become more than just having fun. In this article, we will show you 9 ways games can keep your elderly parents’ memory in shape, getting such a fun activity it will never look like a chore.

1. Scrabble

Source: Pixabay

Learning a new word every day is a great exercise for our memory, but what about using the ones we already know in a creative way? Scrabble is the perfect game to combine fun and work, as it makes us think in different ways than the ones we are used to. Everyone knows how to play it, and it could go on for hours!

2. Bridge

Source: Pixabay

Bridge is one of those games everyone, especially at an old age knows how to play. It stimulates our thinking process, since it requires us to remember your partner’s moves and to react impulsively.

3. Play chess or checkers

Source: Pixabay

Both chess and checkers are strategy games we usually learn at a young age. Never forget the rules and they could be the path to fight memory loss! Because you must play with a partner, chess and checkers are particularly effective in exercising our intellectual activity, especially if we can associate a good memory with the action of acquiring information. Motivate your elderly parents to play with you or your children, and it will soon become a weekly appointment!

4. Puzzles

Source: Flickr

150 Pieces puzzles are enough to make our memory work. They are considered the perfect example of “mind exercises”, since their function is to “stretch” our minds- we get to develop neuroplasticity, and even fight anxiety and depression while increasing our social abilities. When we try to complete a puzzle, we are not distracted by external factors like our everyday life, but we are still required to be focused on the activity. This is the reason why your elderly parents could find puzzles a valid way to forget the routine while exercising their memory.

5. Origami

Source: Wikipedia

Origami are beautiful decorations, but their making requires patience. If your elderly parents can bear the thought of learning a new activity, this may be the most creative of our list. In fact, learning how to make origamis makes us able to reproduce them over and over, and this is a key factor in fighting memory loss. Choose the right paper, click on some youtube tutorials you can watch and pause as you fold, and then choose a place in the house to showcase every type of origami you have managed to create!

6. Memory – literally

Source: Flickr

Not to state the obvious – we can already see what it does from the name, but Memory is one of those games that will never go out of fashion.

7. Battleship

Source: Flickr

Thought for the most competitive parents, battleship is one of the number one strategy games. Not only it is fun to find techniques to beat the enemy, but it also forces us to “think outside the box” if we want to win. This is a game everyone loves- the perfect scenario to achieve the most fun would be pairing children in the family with the elders.

8. Crosswords

Source: Wikipedia

If your parents don’t already do crosswords, they must try it at least! The exercise of having to remember a word after being given an instruction keeps our memory dynamic, and completing every blank space is actually very rewarding. Although this is mostly a solitary game, it is absolutely possible for everyone to take part in the activity, even the youngest members of the family.

9. Movie memory game

Source: PxHere

Watch a movie together with your parents, and then play at who can write down the highest number of places or characters’ names that were in the movie. Then, choose a sweet reward, such as the first slice of cake or cook them their favorite meal.

5 Critical Skills For Family Caregivers

Thanks to the increasing scientific researches on aging, next generations will have more and more available information on how to conduct the best lifestyle in order to be healthy in the long run. Although this is a gift, and so is the possibility to live longer thanks to previously made good choices, our body will also have to face the risks of cell degeneration, which are still unclear to this day. In the meantime, what we must do to care for aging people in our family is remember some simple rules- love them, keep them active and healthy through a balanced diet, if necessary, with the aid of experts in the field.

Aging is by no means a disease, but we also must consider it implies some fundamental changes regarding not only a senior’s physical well-being, but also the psychological one. In fact, for instance, one could witness personality changes in their elderly parents. Taking care of your loved ones’ everyday life needs and challenges, even with small gestures, will surely improve their quality of life.



1. Determination

Wanting to do something is the first step toward achieving a goal. If you want to keep your elderly parents happy and cared for, you should keep a positive mindset and focus on that. There will surely be challenges to overcome- maybe you will find out caring for an aging person can be very time consuming, and you may feel the need to give up, or maybe you will have difficulties in finding devices to improve your parents’ home life, it doesn’t matter if they come from an internal or an external setting, you need to remember why you are doing this and how many important things in life this experience can teach you. Remember your parents probably did their best to make you happy, and in a healthy family this dynamic should always be reciprocated.



2. Communication

Communication plays a key role in effectively responding to your parents’ needs. In fact, being able to communicate means three things- to ask, to listen, and to be able to foresee. While it may take some time to adjust to an aging person’s way of communicating, it is just a matter of waiting for the right moment. When offering something helpful to your parent, their initial reaction may be to hate it and avoid at all costs, but that means they only need some time to process the thought of getting help from someone.
Listening is a necessary part of communication, since your elderly parents may have the need to verbally express some fears and anxieties, as well as their need to feel important and useful among the family. The stories you have heard over and over may become repetitive to you, but it means a lot to them, and makes them build trust with the listener. The last action you need to take in mind – foreseeing one’s needs- is just a consequence of the first two. Once you have a strong bond with your parents and know what they explicitly want, you also have to actively make choices without consulting them first.



3. Empathy

What about empathy? We can’t know for sure what it is like to be in our aging parent’s place, but we must try our best to respect it. Old age comes with changes your parents will not be able to fully fathom, such as memory loss or fatigue. Keeping positive and patient will be the best path to effectively care for your elderly parents in the long run.



4. Patience

Patience is a virtue, but don’t worry if you weren’t born with it- you are still able to learn its secrets. Caregivers for aging people are surely required to be patient. In fact, although we may feel overwhelmed by the enormous amount of responsibilities, requests, or just because we weren’t treated with respect by our parents, we also must understand we have to stay calm and balanced. When your parents will see how patient you are, they will be able to confide more in you. Either way, don’t take anything personally, as it can lead to misunderstandings.



5. Love

Love is the most underrated skill of this list. During our daily routines, we almost take our familiar relationships for granted, forgetting what others have done for us. Being grateful and affectionate not only gives meaning to life, but it also helps others to see their days in another perspective. The key to a happy family is, of course, love, and our ability to build together memories, bonding over both good and difficult times.

8 Creative Ways To Save Your Favorite Family Photos

As September is ‘save your photo’ month, we should remember to store our best memories in a neat way, especially if we have collected a lot of them over the years. Ask your parents to choose and reorganize the best pictures they have, the type of decoration, the materials, the colors, and make one of these 8 creative ideas come to life. While getting to work, you will all appreciate the time spent together while giving a new meaning to your old photos, since it will also remind you of family gatherings and shared memories.

1.Make the best uses of your polaroids

Hang your polaroids

Having polaroids is a blessing- while digital images are functional in many ways, polaroids are in fact more versatile, especially when it comes to creative projects. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about saving one’s photos, is to hang them in a significative place of the house, such as the living room. With polaroids, this is much easier, since it is one of their direct uses- string them up, and you instantly have a beautiful and meaningful decoration.

Polaroids necklace

What about wearing photos as a way of saving them? Mini-polaroids necklaces are cute and personal- if you don’t know where to start, just ask your local photographer to help you with the dimensions, choose a cute chain and you are good to show it off.

Scratch-off cards to say ‘I love you’ and ‘Thank you’

Don’t panic anymore when it comes to special gift occasions like birthdays or Valentine’s day- scratch-off cards will get you the surprise effect you have always wanted. Just mix acrylic paint of a color of your choice together with dish soap to make your polaroid scratchable. Write a meaningful sentence and a date to make the gift more remarkable.

2. Fancy pillows

Did you know you could print your pictures onto pillows? Whether they are nature photos, or family ones, it doesn’t matter- they will look great on your bed and sofa. Just go to the photographer’s to make it professionally or do it yourself, if you feel like being creative. Find in stores the transfer paper onto which you will have to print your selected picture, and iron it carefully onto a light-colored pillow.

3. A special phone case

This idea is a very easy way to celebrate the ‘save your picture’ month. In fact, you just need a printer and a transparent phone case, along with some glue and additional decorations (glitter, for example) of your liking. Another option is to iron the image onto the phone case. Either way, as a result, you will always have your picture- or collage of pictures- with you.

4. Unique tote bags

A tote bag with a beautiful, personal picture is absolutely unique. Not only it is a great gift, it also makes a useful everyday accessory, especially for seniors. After choosing your best picture, and maybe editing it with a nice sentence, put it on the cotton bag with transfer paper or have it done by an expert.

5. Wooden photos

It may seem difficult at a first glance, but there are many easy ways to transfer photos on wood and make awesome decorations to hang in your house. The quickest technique is to use wax- there are many tutorials on the internet that show you how to achieve the best result, and learning something new with your parents will make a rewarding experience. Be careful, though- your picture will come out mirrored, and you will have to change it with an editing program before printing it.

6. Custom magnets

What about a magnet collage of photos? Not only it is budget-friendly, but also very easy to realize. Ask your parents to choose the most beautiful pictures- it could be one for each member of the family, but a nice option could also be landscapes or meaningful places you have visited together.

7. Snow globes

Let it snow! This creative way to save your family photos is perfect for the coldest months. After purchasing pictures insert snow globes in stores or online, you just need to easily assemble the pieces. For a nicer decoration, choose a globe that lights up!

8.Artsy set of pencils

Is there an artist in your family? If so, it would be a great idea to make a set of pencils that displays one of your most beautiful pictures. Furthermore, you can match the creation with a custom printed pencil case and scrapbook. Not only it will be very useful, but also definitely unique.

10 Great Ways To Enjoy The Outdoors With Your Elderly Parents

Summertime can be difficult for seniors, especially in areas where the heat becomes unbearable. However, finding outdoor activities to do together benefits both your elderly parents’ health and mood. In fact, while fresh air and sun exposure bring the right nutrients and vitamins to the body, being active is also a factor of health, even if psychological.

1. Grow your own vegetables and herbs


Source: Wikimedia commons

Gardening is one of the most loved activities by people over 50. However, as rewarding and relaxing it can become, it still takes a lot of patience and time. If your elderly parents prefer not to spend too much time of their day on taking care of plants, you can help them choose some vegetables and herbs to grow right in their backyard. Tomatoes, carrots, pumpkins and potatoes sure need to be watered periodically, but you won’t ever have to treat them like delicate flowers.
An option for those who don’t have too much space in their house is to find herbs your parents use the most in the kitchen, and decide to grow them instead- rosemary, thyme, sage, basil are all great additions to every meal, especially this time of the year.
To keep track of the progress, suggest your parents using a journal.

2. Birdwatching


Source: Wikimedia commons

No, you won’t have to end up walking miles and miles in a national reserve to make the most out of birdwatching- you can simply do it in your own backyard or a park nearby. Seniors love activities that aren’t too tiring but still somehow dynamic, and this one can be perfect in the warmest months. Set up some birdhouses together with your parents- choose few, paint them, experiment where to place them- and see if they attract some birds. Researching the best ways to reach your goal together with your parents will make their day, but they will also be able to do it on their own when they are bored or feel like it.

3. Take a walk


Source: Pixabay

Walking is one of the healthiest activities for the human being- it doesn’t require any effort nor any kind of tool, but it still benefits you in the long run. Seniors in particular, who find it more difficult to move, should take a walk at least once every two days. It doesn’t have to take too much time, and you don’t have to go too far- just set a goal with your parents (going to the mall, having a snack in your favorite café, go sitting on a bench at the park) and appreciate the surroundings together. The best time of the day to do that is the early morning, when it is not too hot already, or at the sunset, which is also more picturesque.

4. Barbecue time


Source: Pixnio

Do your parents like barbecues? If so, set one up together with your whole family and friends. It is a great, creative way to appreciate the outdoors without going too far- even the organization part is going to be fun!

5. Stargazing


Source: Flixkr

In the summertime, when it is dark outside and you are starting to get a bit of fresh air, stargazing can be lovely to do in the company of your parents. Even if you don’t own an amatorial telescope- which you can, however, find for cheap at most big department stores-, download some apps that recognize sky constellations and try to find them together. Look up on the internet days where there is the most visible concentration of falling stars and make a wish!

6. Enjoy a concert together


Source: United States Marine Band

Live music is always great, and summer is the time of festivals and outdoor small orchestras performances. Find one near you that suits your parents’ interests and needs and go there together. They will meet other people and do something different from their average routine.

7. Picnic time


Source: PxHere

If you have a place in mind for a picnic that is not too far nor too difficult to reach, this can be perfect to enjoy a summer evening with your elderly parents. Take charge of the organization- cook some light meals or snacks, decide what to bring with you, such as books to read there or your favorite newspaper- and make your family a surprise. A quick notice, though- remember to check the weather forecasts!

8. Painting


Source: Joint Base McGuire

If your parents would like to pick up a hobby or continue a new one, this is the best occasion to make it happen. Bringing a specific indoor activity outside not only stimulates creativity, but it also makes one’s mood better.

9. Go to the pool


Source: Joint Base San Antonio

If the days are particularly hot and you don’t have air conditioning at home, why don’t you suggest your parents going to the nearest pool? Places of this kind open in the summer often have a lovely landscape to look at while enjoying a drink and a good chat.

10. Sightseeing in your own city


Source: Wikipedia

Is there a museum or a special sightseeing place in your city you haven’t seen yet? Summertime could be perfect to make up for what you missed. Check if it has air conditioning and facilities for seniors, and become an improvised tourist with your parents. Then, you could stop by the museum’s cafeteria to end the afternoon in the best way.

10 Ways To Keep Your Elderly Parents Cool This Summer

Every summer, high temperatures can make seniors suffer a lot, since they are more prone to heatstroke’s and low-pressure spikes. As someone who cares for them, you should know all the tips to make sure they stay in a cool, relaxed place and can follow their usual routines, maybe with some adjustments, without being in danger of them not being able to bear the heat. Here are some tips you can follow to see the best ways to keep your elderly parents cool this summer.

1. Do the right grocery shopping

grocery shopping Source: Wikimedia commons

Hydration begins with the food we insert in our bodies. In the summertime, it is best to shop for many different types of fruits and vegetables, along with low fat meat like chicken fillets, in order to prepare light but nutritious meals. Because your goal is also to provide your elderly parents with the correct daily intake of vitamins, look out for juices too- they contain the right balance between sugars and vitamins.

2. Make sure your home is optimal for the hot weather

dinning room

Source: Pixabay

Your elderly parents are going to stay home a lot of time because of the heat danger- you need to take some measures to make sure they are well and protected. A first quick adjustment could be to keep the blinds closed during the hottest hours of the day and considering installing solar curtains to block out the sun. Secondly, if they don’t have any type of air conditioning systems, you should invest in a portable fan so that your parents can have a direct method to keep cool from the heat. Avoid your elderly parents staying on the upper floors of the house, since they are way hotter than the basement and the ground floor during the summertime. If their bedroom is upstairs, try to find a way of moving it temporarily to a cooler room.

3. Consider taking them to the mountains

going to the mountains

Source: PxHere

Migration during the summertime is one of the most considered solutions to avoid the heat. In fact, apartments equipped for this kind of vacation are common, and you can rent one of them for a few months. Lately, it is more and more usual to see hotels in the mountains that offer a specific program for seniors, so that elderly people can go there, meet other friends, stay relaxed and enjoy their time. Usually, this kind of structures also provides a health program to make sure their guests are safe and have everything they need.

4. Check the weather forecasts every day

checking the weather

Source: Joint Base Charleston

Some days will be hotter than others, and you will need to make more effort to help your elderly parents. Check the weather forecasts every day from a reliable source, in order to keep informed on when you are going to be more careful.

5. Mini fans and other gadgets are your friends

orange spray bottle

Source: Pixabay

If your parents want to go outside, prepare them a set of things they can bring with them in order to stay cooler- those portable mini fans are very useful, but you will also need to put sunscreen on (it has to be reapplied every few hours for the best results), tissues (because of possible frequent nosebleeds), and, of course, a cellphone so that they can call you if they need it.

6. Do the work for them, or hire someone who does

outdoor work

Source: Flickr

If your parents need to go outside because of house chores such as gardening, try to find an alternative so they won’t have to work under the sun. If you can’t go yourself, hire a person who can for the summertime- it can also be a good idea to ask a neighbor.

7. Clothes are important too

light summer cloths

Source: Maxpixel

The power of clothes is undervalued during the summertime. First of all, it is best they only use linen clothes. Furthermore, don’t forget useful accessories such as sunglasses and a hat. Both of them block out the sun that, otherwise, can bring a lot of damage to the eyesight and the skin.

8. Make use of cool washcloths

ice cubes

Source: Public Domain Pictures
A common procedure is to soak washcloths in cold water and put them behind the neck of your parent or on their forehead. This way, they are going to stay cool for a while, especially if they got sunburnt.

9. Take them swimming

swimming pool

Source: Pixabay

If there is a swimming pool nearby that is not directly under the sun, you can bring your elderly parents there for a refreshing evening. There are many swimming pools that have a bar so that you can also have a cold drink while being close to the water.

10. Stay hydrated

water flowing down sink faucet

Source: Flickr

Last but not least, the obvious one- let your elderly parents stay hydrated. Besides from water, fruit juices and smoothies are the way to go to keep them healthy. Try to make them avoid coffee and alcohol, for a while, since they retain water.

10 Ways To Spend Father’s Day With Your Elderly Parents

Even a small gesture for your father on Father’s day is a sign of gratitude- he has always been a guide for you and your loved ones. Think of how much he made sacrifices for your family, such as putting aside his hobbies and passions- that makes him a real hero.

That said, let’s now see everything about Father’s Day and how to make this celebration special.

1. A surprise party

surprise party for elderly dad
The ideal solution is to give him a surprise party- he will be amazed to see his sons’ commitment!

Find an excuse to take him away from home, buy balloons and decorations and set everything up before he comes back. Ask someone for help- your siblings or your mother, for example, to join forces and make this occasion memorable.

2. Make him something to eat

dinner with elderly dad
If you want to impress your father, the perfect gift- even if you don’t even know how to make scrambled eggs- would be to prepare dinner for him. If you are thinking of cooking something that requires a lot of complicated steps, it is always recommended to try the meal in advance. Of course, you should prepare something of his liking, allowing him to be satisfied. In this occasion too, asking for help can make a huge difference in the final result.
If you don’t have enough time, even buying a nice dessert will be a beautiful gesture and, of course, an occasion to spend time together.

3. For an adventurous father

outdoors with elderly dad

If your father loves adventure, but can’t go too far, it would be perfect if you organized a trip to a beautiful park or a place you two have never been before. It will allow him to feel emotions that he hardly experiences during all the other days of the week. To make it more memorable, it would be clever to play on the “surprise effect”- tell him you are going somewhere else and see his reaction when he discovers where you are taking him!

4. For sport enthusiasts

watch sports with elderly dad
If he loves sports, and always watches them on tv, you can take your father to see his favorite team or, if this sport is not to your liking, buy a friend of his a ticket.

5. If your elderly parents are movie addicted

watch movies with elderly dad

Organize a special evening, at home or at the cinema- choose a movie they would like to see, take them to the cinema if they feel like going out, otherwise stay home with popcorns and blankets for a cozy time.

6. Get crafty!

home repairs with elderly dad
Do you know anything in your parents’ house that needs to be fixed, which you promised to help and then never did? This is your time to shine! Although this may not be the ideal way to spend Father’s day, it could actually make your dad happy. In fact, some fathers are not very talkative, nor they like to go out and share moments in the conventional way. Fixing together something not only is a nice thought, but will allow you to get closer to him the way he wants.

7. See old pictures together

Photo album for elderly dad
Going down memory lane is always nostalgic, but in a positive way. Seeing how your relationship with your parents changed, and how it has become even stronger, remembering all the good moments but even your most challenging memories together, will remind you all how nice it is to be family, and to be able to celebrate together.

8. Bring home a relative, or someone close to them, they never get to see

elderly dad spend time with relative
Does your father have a loved one he never gets to see, because of distance or because they are busy? If so, this time would be nice to bring them home to him and spend a lovely evening together. In order to do this, you may need to think in advance- sometimes, even very in advance- about the organisation. However, it is going to be worth it, and you will all be talking about it for the next weeks.

9. Write them a letter and read it out loud

writ -a letter for elderly dad
Sometimes it is difficult to express our feelings in the right way, and there could be challenging times where we tend to treat others badly. If this is the case, Father’s day could be the occasion to apologise and show that, even though it takes a lot, you are able to know where you are wrong and, most importantly, that you love your parents. This is a thoughtful gift they will surely remember.

10. Do some gardening together

gardening with elderly dad
If Father’s day happens to be on a sunny day, you already know what to do if you want to keep in contact with nature and not go too far away- gardening. It is a quiet activity everyone loves, and you could also choose to bring some new plants to the yard. Seeing them grow will also remind your parents of the love you share as a family.

10 Ways to Spend Mother’s Day With Your Elderly Parents

Mother’s Day is a perfect occasion to celebrate and honor the mother figures in our lives. Dedicate your time to making her happy. Here are a few ideas to create new memories together and have fun doing something different than usual.

1. Gardening

gardening with elderly mom

Gardening is an activity everyone can do – it is not tiring, but rather creative and satisfying. Whether it can be buying new plants or make your balcony or garden a nicer spot, make your mother a surprise – prepare all the things you need beforehand, gather them in one place and let her find them as soon as she wakes up. Then, make her decide how to place the flowers you bought, or the seeds that could give life to a new, beautiful tree, which you will see grow together. Make sure you check the weather forecasts before, though, in order to avoid bad surprises.

2. Bake Something Together – Or Prepare Her a Nice Meal

baking with elderly mom

After years of knowing your parents, you surely know what they like to eat. Mothers are usually easy to make happy, if you do something entirely for them instead of letting them do all the work – they have, all their life, while raising you. This is why preparing her a nice meal, whether it be a nice morning breakfast or a more elaborate lunch or dinner, will send your mother the message she can relax all day. You can dedicate yourself to do her chores, especially if she lives alone and she has to do everything by herself. If you are not really creative or particularly good at cooking, you can ask her for help and have fun trying a new recipe together. Otherwise, the internet is your best choice – there are desserts specifically invented for Mother’s Day that are not difficult to recreate.

3. Go For a Ride!

take a trip with elderly mom

If your loved mother has difficulties walking, this is the tip for you – take her to a beautiful place! The only walk she will have to do will be from the house to your car and if it is sunny, choose a nice route with nature for her to look at while you drive. Then, the final destination could be a nice view, or even better, a restaurant with a nice view – be careful, though, to choose a place that has the right facilities for your mother.

4. Go to the Movies Together – Or Choose a Mother’s Day Themed Film at Home!

watch a movie with elderly mom

Watching a movie is easy if you and your parents would like to stay home. If it rains and you don’t get to go outside for a walk or a short trip, but still want to do something meaningful together – a movie would be a great option. Choose a title that goes well with your mother’s interests – maybe it is her favorite film and she would like to watch it another time, maybe it is something well-known because of the latest Oscars, just make sure you have it ready to play, perhaps with some sweet dessert to eat along.

5. Go Dress Shopping!

shopping with elderly mom

Buying your mother a nice dress she looks beautiful in can make her feel pretty even though she is getting older. Compliment her while browsing around stores, let her choose the style and the color, have fun in the fitting rooms and come back home as if you were two young teenage friends. Choose an occasion to wear it!

6. Set Up a Party With Your Family

mothers day party

Mothers are not only important for their sons – they are also sisters, aunts, wives. This is why it would be nice to spend Mother’s Day together with your family, perhaps with other mothers. It is an easy way to celebrate if your mother can’t go out.

7. Learn Something New Together!

arts class with elderly mother
Workshops are always the perfect occasion to learn something new, meet new people and strengthen the bond with those you already know. It can be a sewing class, a cooking course, but even one that teaches you how to paint or how to use the computer. Seek for something you know your mother has been wanting to learn, or something she may want to pick up again.

8. Visit a New City

visit new places with elderly mother
This one may be for the most active moms out there, but going somewhere for a weekend is always relaxing. Perhaps you can choose a city nearby, book an Airbnb some weeks in advance, and go exploring together.

9. Go to the Spa

spa day with elderly mother
If you don’t live in a very warm place already, going to the spa may be the most relaxing activity of these all – and the healthiest too, for sure. If your mother told you she has back pain, for instance, gifting her an all-inclusive spa day, can make her feel young again.

10. Create a Collage of Your Photos

create photo album for elderly mom

This is a good idea to use some photos of you and her that have been sitting in a closet for years. Dust them off, be creative, and choose together the most significative ones – place them somewhere nice in the house, and appreciate the love between you two.

10 Ways To Spend Spring Break With Your Aging Parents

It can be difficult to find original ways to spend spring break with your aging parents. We listed some tips for you to find the perfect family events and make your parents happier than ever.

1. Go on a Short Trip

Holiday time also means doing something you normally can’t. Why don’t you choose together a relaxing location to visit? Whether it is a place you have been many times to and would love to see again or something absolutely new, the most important thing is to plan ahead and be ready to have some fun. Nowadays, many websites suggest infinite possibilities, take advantage of all those functions in order to be organized.

2. Gardening

Maybe you would prefer to stay at home. According to many psychologists, tidying up helps us clear the mind. Gardening, in particular, is suited for all ages and can be very fun. While it creates a memory, it also leaves space for further activities together. In fact, when you decide to plant a flower, for instance, you instantly have fun, but you will also have to keep the flower nourished in the future. Seeing your results together is rewarding, perhaps take pictures if you want to keep track of the progress you have all made.

3. A Family BBQ

Who doesn’t love eating? A barbecue is the perfect occasion to gather with family and friends and spend a nice evening together.  The weather is warm, the days are longer, sit back and relax with your family and enjoy the change of season.

4. Go Shopping!

You would be surprised knowing how rarely aging people go shopping. Going shopping can be a great excuse to get your elderly parents out of the house for a few hours. If you decide to go clothes shopping this may provide self confidence and together can make them rediscover what they have lost about themselves. Of course, it can also be fun! Make them choose different colors and fabrics, talk together about new trends and listen to what they have to say about them. Make your parents the center of attention.

5. Family Bingo Night

The majority of aging people love bingo and it is fun for everybody! Try to gather your family in one room, prepare something warm to eat, light up some candles to create the atmosphere including some sing-along-tunes. Not only will it be relaxing, but it will also create an occasion for a family reunion.

6. Go to an Art Museum

Art museums can be difficult to go to during spring break, but if you can choose the right day and the right time, it would be absolutely nice. Choose a permanent exhibition or a temporary one, try to guess your parents’ preferences. Along the way grab some lunch, as a majority of museums there have nice and quiet café where you can talk about what you have just seen. Take pictures along the way!

7. Old Classic Movie Marathon

If your parents are movie fanatics, a movie marathon is the way to go. If you can’t find the perfect movies online, go to a library. Set up the atmosphere with cookies, muffins, popcorn, raw fruits and vegetables. Turn off the lights, bring out as many pillows as you can, and don’t be alarmed if you all happen to fall asleep. Enjoy the night spent curled up on the couch!

8. Create a Collage of your Pictures

Family time also means recreating ways to relive memories. This is why selecting the most significant pictures of you and your parents to hang in the kitchen or the living room will make them happy. Be as creative as possible! Choose the right frame, add some lights and colors, even glitter if you like it.

9. Dance the Night Away

If your parents love dancing, look up a dancing night for aging adults and go with them. Jazz could be the ideal soundtrack for the occasion, but be open to other genres if they are too. It is also an event to socialize with people their age and, of course, enjoy themselves doing something healthy too.

10. Go to the Planetarium

Spring break also means that the nights get longer and the stars are more visible than ever. If there is a planetarium near you, bring your parents there and discover the beautiful secrets of the universe.

25 Life Lessons Written By A 100-Year-Old Man

Andy Anderson, also known as “Mr. Cheese”, is a 100-year-old man who doesn’t actually feel old yet. He has lived his life to the fullest, making true what a man can dream of- a beautiful family, a long-lasting love, a good, rewarding position in a job to work hard for.

If not him, who can teach us about what is important in life and what is the right behavior to reach our goals?

1. Find your sense of humor…

Always maintain a good sense of humor and use it every day!

2. Work hard, be humble harder

Grandpa Cheese’s work-related suggestions are enlightening- always take what you get, even if you need to start at the bottom.

3. Always be in good shape!

No pain no gain, right? Exercise every day- it is worth it, both for your body and mind.

4. Save up as much as you can

You never know what you are going to need in the future. Always remember to keep a part of the money you make for future emergencies.

5. Vitamins are key

A glass of orange juice every day, and you are good to go.

6. Relationships like fairytales can be real

Keep believing in love at first sight, and that your true one, the chance to meet your soulmate, exists and is going to happen sooner or later.

7. You must survive!

Even though it is not your dream job, take it seriously. It is still better than starving! Remember, it’s better to have a bad job than having no job all.

8. Waste less food

Living consciously means to waste less- food, clothes- we need to have what we actually use. Health corresponds to the ability to measure.

9. Cherish your family

Your family and the love shared with one another are the most important things in life.

10. Proteins make you stronger

Protein is life!  So continue to eat the recommended portions and savor each bite.

11. Listen to your needs

Don’t think ignoring the moment your mind needs a pause will make you a hero- stop to reflect about your needs, find a solution and move on in a better shape.

12. Believe in yourself

The first step to achieve anything is to be your true self, relentlessly- life is too short to pretend to be someone else.

13. Buy what you need

Fast fashion makes us buy lots of clothes we won’t ever wear. Stop being greedy and keep what you know you can wear everyday.

14. Forgive

It is not easy to forgive, but it will teach you important lessons.

15. Spend your money in the future

Make a financial plan for when you will be older.

16. True love requires work

A relationship is not always going to be easy- you have to put effort into it.

17. See the positive side of every situation

Life has its ups and downs- it is important to keep our chin up and maintain a good sense of humor to lighten up bad, awkward situations.

18. Learn to move on with problems

If you have an issue with something and there is no way out, forget about it.

19. Believe in your dreams

If you do what you are passionate about, you will always be happy. Don’t be afraid of the obstacles that could be in your path- be determined, dreams do come true.

20. Common sense does not equal education

Education in life. According to Grandpa Cheese, it is not necessary, as long as you do keep learning.

21. Curiosity needs to be your fuel

Be interested in the world, do as much as you can to experience it all.

22. Be less serious

Try to not be so critical of yourself.

23. Don’t be scared to aim at the top

Why just be anybody?

24. Common sense is the answer to every situation

Internalize what life has taught you- if you have no common sense, you are in big trouble.

25. Always decide for yourself- and be grateful for it

Life is a gift worth unwrapping!

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