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9 Long-Distance Caregiving Tips

It’s not always possible for family caregivers to live near their loved one which may be stressful for the caregiver and their family. Whether you need to move away for work, school, or any other personal reason, you may be wondering if you can meet your aging relative’s needs from afar. While not impossible, it may be difficult to manage…

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Benefits of Having an Indoor Garden

In recent years, indoor gardens have gained popularity. They’re much easier to maintain than large outdoor gardens, so they appeal to young people with busy lifestyles. But indoor gardens are also useful for older adults. Seniors who have mobility issues may find it easier to take care of plants in the comfort of their own home and can experience many…

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Do You Really Need To Take Vitamins?

A recent article on the New York Times states that more than 50% of Americans take vitamin supplements. Among those are over 65, the percentage rises to 68%. Similar numbers concern many western countries, Europe in particular, where there is a widespread belief that vitamins can never be enough. When does taking multivitamin supplements become important? More than 70% 0f…

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