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Home Health Care vs. Home Care

Most physicians and nurses understand the difference between Home Care and Home Health Care. But to the public, these services are sadly synonymous. But these terms are entirely different in the healthcare industry. Home Health Care tends to be short-term in nature, involves skilled care, and is covered by Medicare. Home Health Care is often referred to as “skilled” or…

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7 Vital Questions to Ask When Searching for a Caretaker

A caregiver may be the difference between ensuring a loved one may stay within the family home or will need to move into a dedicated facility. Although there are some extraordinary options for care in assisted living facilities, the comfort and joy of living at home cannot be denied. When searching for an in-home caretaker, it’s essential to ask several questions…

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home health care vs in-home care

If you are just beginning to research options for your aging loved one, you may encounter many new terms and abbreviations unfamiliar to those outside of the health care industry.   You will see the term “homecare”, which covers both medical and non-medical forms of care.   “Home Health Care” and “In-Home Care” sound like they are the same thing, but encompass different services.  …

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