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Benefits of Yoga for Seniors 

Many seniors are stuck inside due to the pandemic and cold winter weather, which can make it hard to stay active but luckily there are workouts that older adults can safely do at home with minimal equipment including yoga. Yoga is a great option for winter and really any season because the poses can be adapted for all ability levels.…

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Fun Spring Exercises For Seniors

1.Yoga Yoga is an ancient Hindu practice that combines slow movements, stretching, holding specific body postures, breathing, and meditation and brings with it stronger muscles and relaxation. Currently Yoga is the most popular fitness activity in most states in the U.S. beating out jogging and running, and continues to grow in popularity. Yoga includes stretching exercises that can alleviate pain…

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Five Myths About Seniors and Exercise

Five Myths About Seniors and Exercise When you were growing up, maybe your parents, other adults, or an older sibling said you were too young for some things. Now, you may be telling yourself that you’re too old for some things. Sometimes seniors tell themselves they are too old to exercise, and that couldn’t be further from the truth! Regular…

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