Fun Spring Exercises For Seniors

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Yoga is an ancient Hindu practice that combines slow movements, stretching, holding specific body postures, breathing, and meditation and brings with it stronger muscles and relaxation. Currently Yoga is the most popular fitness activity in most states in the U.S. beating out jogging and running, and continues to grow in popularity. Yoga includes stretching exercises that can alleviate pain from chronic conditions and diseases that affect the elderly like osteoporosis and fights against the risks of an increasingly sedentary lifestyle many seniors slip into in their golden years.

One study also showed that practicing Yoga significantly increased the quality of life, mood, and reduced fatigue for seniors who did it compared to those who did walking exercises or the control group which made no changes to their exercise habits.

It is possible to do yoga on your own, the most important thing is to be somewhere quiet. Therefore, it is best to keep far from crowded areas. Try to look for places at parks and beaches where a lot of people are not at, or even the comfort of a room in your own house where you can be wrapped in seclusion and quietness.

For those who want to train in a group instead, there are many options for group yoga including public events held at parks and rec centers and yoga studios, small gyms dedicated to group yoga fitness.

Here are a few special types of yoga you can also try:

Dog Yoga

If you like yoga and have a dog, this is the perfect opportunity to merge the benefits together and to spend some quality time with your beloved puppy. Dog yoga, also called Doga, started in the U.S. but is now practiced in many countries like Japan and Germany. It includes specific positions of classic yoga, along with meditation and breathing techniques to do together with your dog. This type of yoga requires two trainers to assist – one for people and one specialized in animal stretching and muscular relaxation.

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Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga has been incredibly popular over the past few years. It combines classic yoga poses along with baby barnyard goats hopping around. While Yoga is intended to be done in silence, Goat Yoga tends to be more about having fun and being around the baby goats while they bleat and do adorable things.

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2. Swimming

Seniors need a lifestyle in which exercise has a significant role, in order to fight the natural aging processes. Swimming is a sport with many benefits, not only does it help increases the heart rate without putting stress on the body, but it also helps to manage weight

Where to do it? If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, take a swim. If you don’t have a pool head on over to your local gym, you can also join a water aerobics class. If you prefer more of a nature surrounding go to a nearby lake or a beach. In this case, it is important to check the weather every time before going, but the advantage is that you can bring everyone you want with you, have fun with your grandchildren and forget that you are exercising. If you don’t know how to swim or much rather stay on land then these actives are more for you.

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3. Hiking and Walks

While yoga and swimming require silence, hiking and walks don’t. If you are on your own, you can listen to music while walking around your block or a nearby park, if you are with someone, you can chat and let the time pass very quickly. Every place and occasion are perfect to go for a walk, the most important thing is to find something to keep yourself entertained, even a specific after-exercise goal, to keep doing it periodically.

Ideally, you want to go for a walk when the sun is not too hot or in a shaded area. Don’t forget to keep hydrated, bring a bottle of water on long walks is important. If you plan to be out for the whole day bring something to eat that won’t go bad. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the scenery with your loved ones. If the slow pace of walking is not for you then try going for a bike ride.

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4. Cycling

For cycling lovers, take an easy paved trail with little to no hills, if you don’t own a bike or are not able to cycle compliantly on your own then here are some options for you to try.

Wheel Water Lake E-bike Bicycle Tour Bike
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• E-bikes
Many sports can cause major problems to the joints, but not cycling, especially with an E-Bike. If it has been a long time since you last cycled, it is better to start with the aid of the engine and then change gradually.

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• Two seater bikes
Have fun with a loved one or a friend with a tandem. It helps those with limited mobility without limiting the pleasure of riding a bike.

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• Trio bike
The triobike taxi is the safest option for those who have problems moving but still want to enjoy their ride. Have your loved one take you out on a ride while you enjoy the wind blow through your hair.