Gadgets for Seniors and Caregivers

gadgets for seniors

Four Gadgets for Seniors and Caregivers

Whether you’re getting older, or caring for someone who is, you can invest in countless knick-knacks, tools and devices to help make things a little easier – from opening canned food to getting in and out of the car. Whether you live on your own, care for someone, or are receiving care, these are some tech gadgets that could make your live easier and more enjoyable.

Medication Reminders

Alarm clocks. Watches. Pill bottles. While they have obvious uses, each of these items has been adapted into tech gadgets that remind someone to take his or her medications. This article from takes a look at watches and pill bottle reminders, which make it easier to not forget your daily medications, or be connected to a network that will send a telephone reminder if a pill bottle has not been opened within a specified time. If you always have a smartphone or tablet nearby, there are many medication reminder apps available, too.

Heated or GPS Soles

Do you know someone with poor circulation? Or someone who you are afraid may wander and get lost? The answer to both problems might just be found in their shoes. One brand of heated insoles is even remote-controlled, so you can regulate how warm your feet are! For those who may wander, insoles with GPS devices can help you find your loved one. While not available yet, these smart soles can help change the game in caring for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Large Button Phones and Remotes

An Internet search or trip to a big-box retailer with give you a variety of options for large button landline phones and mobile devices. If all you need are the basics, these phones make seeing the numbers and letters on a keypad a lot easier! If you don’t want to miss your favorite shows, there is a company named Big Button Remotes that has different remote size options to fit your needs!


For those a little more comfortable with technology, or maybe willing to learn, tablets are great for a variety of things: reading, watching movies or videos, browsing the Internet, email, games, the list goes on. A great source of entertainment and a great way to stay connected to friends or family, a tablet can be a senior’s go-to gadget! The larger screen sizes make tablets easier on the eyes, too.

Depending on the needs of you or your loved one, these tech gadgets for seniors could make a big difference! At Professional Caretakers, we tailor our care to the needs of every client, working with them to be as independent as possible while still providing the specialized care they need. That’s why we love what we do throughout Texas, and why in-home care may be the right choice for you or your loved one.