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home health care vs in-home care

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If you are just beginning to research options for your aging loved one, you may encounter many new terms and abbreviations unfamiliar to those outside of the health care industry.   You will see the term “homecare”, which covers both medical and non-medical forms of care.   “Home Health Care” and “In-Home Care” sound like they are the same thing, but encompass different services.   Understanding the distinct difference between these terms will better help you research and select the appropriate type of care for your loved one.

Home Health Care
Home Health care covers a wide range of skilled nursing that includes pain management, wound management, physical therapy, and prescription management.  Home Health Care services are usually covered by government resources such as Medicare, and can be only for a few hours a week.  The services are typically provided by registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, or a licensed vocational nurse.

In-Home Care
In-Home Care can be either skilled or non-skilled caregiving that includes many services such as companionship, light housekeeping, cooking, transportation, and personal hygiene. The ultimate goal of In-Home Care is to maintain & sustain quality of life in the home through fostering independence, dignity, and confidence. Many seniors need assistance with activities of daily living which include mobility, eating, using the bathroom, bathing, and grooming.  Beyond activities of daily living, many seniors look to caregivers to provide companionship that is necessary for emotional well being.   These services are provided by non-medical caretakers (such as certified nursing assistant, home health aid, or personal assistants), but are supervised by registered nurse at Professional Caretakers.

Professional Caretakers’ In-Home Care is private pay only, and is not associated with Medicare.  If your Medicare Home Health Care is covering your skilled nursing needs, but not your unskilled nursing needs, we can help fill in the gaps to give you peace of mind.  Don’t feel guilty, you can’t do it all.