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Are you or a loved one suffering with pain and stiffness in you’re joints? If so, this pain and discomfort can make it  hard to complete every day tasks. Professional Caretakers allows your loved one to stay at home, in an environment that feels safe and familiar while helping with housework, errands, and other daily activities. We can provide a few hours or 24-hour care, whatever is needed.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is one of the most common causes of disability today. Although it also most common in adults and seniors, it can affect people of all ages. Cartilage that typically protects bones from rubbing together wears down over time, or can be affected by an infection or broken bones, so while a lot of mileage on your joints is the most common cause, arthritis isn’t just an older person’s condition.

Treatment for Arthritis

While medication can help reduce arthritis pain, it is lifestyle changes such as daily exercise that will be the most beneficial in promoting increased function and preventing further damage to joints. Other common treatments for arthritis include:

  • Anti-inflammatory medications including ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen or aspirin
  • Knee, hip or other joint replacements for advanced cases
  • Low-impact exercise including walking, aerobics or strength and flexibility training
  • Dietary changes that promote muscle and bone strength

In-Home Care for Arthritis

Even with these lifestyle changes, some activities of daily living, from cooking and cleaning to laundry and walking up stairs, may be difficult for those with arthritis. That’s why the role of a caretaker is often so important when a person suffering from the joint pain of arthritis wishes to remain at home and be as independent as possible.

Among our many home health care services, our caregivers can provide the following support for those living with arthritis:

  • Massaging hands and feet with cream and using heat, where appropriate.
  • Providing medication management (as directed by our RN).
  • Providing routine housekeeping such as laundry or cleaning.
  • Encourage and helping with exercises.
  • Assisting with bathing and personal care.
  • Help with transfers, stairs, and stability to lessen the risk of falls.
  • Assisting or managing tasks that have become too difficult due to limitations caused by arthritis.

Even with treatment and lifestyle changes, arthritis can progress, making activities of daily living more difficult. That’s where we can really help. Whether it’s bathing, dressing, grooming, laundry, routine cleaning, running errands or providing transportation, we have more than 25 years of experience in providing private, non-medical in-home care. If you are your loved one’s primary caregiver, we know it is challenging to find enough hours in the day to take care of your loved one while managing an already busy schedule.

It’s not just about arthritis care, it’s about ensuring that your loved one is able to live the best life possible. Managing pain and working to prevent further joint damage is only part of a bigger picture of providing high quality care that helps your loved one be as independent as possible while still ensuring that their specific care needs are being met. When those needs also include arthritis care, our caretakers can help.

If you or your loved one needs extra help around the house or getting around, or you need some extra help caring for your loved with with your busy schedule, we are here with the expertise and experience to provide quality home care for those with arthritis.

Contact Professional Caretakers today to learn more about our in-home care services for those living with arthritis.