Request A Caretaker

When loved ones need a little extra help around the house we have a staff of warm, friendly companions, sitters and caretakers who are standing by to lend a hand.

Our In Home Companionship services provide:

  • Comfort and consoling
  • Security
  • Travel
  • Playing games, reading, singing
  • Help around home, garden, pet care

Call Us Whenever You Need Help

Whether you schedule care in advance or need same-day service, we can provide a trained, caring staff member to keep your loved one comfortable at home, in the hospital, or in his or her assisted living facility, nursing home or other locations where you don’t want him or her to be alone. Our staff members can help to assure the safety of your loved one and engage him or her in positive activities to pass the time.

When we provide hospital sitters, you also have the advantage of providing your loved one with a qualified, trained health and wellness advocate when you can’t be there. Our RNs train and support all of our caretakers, including staff who provide client care in hospitals. And, we can provide these services for you 24/7.

If more than companionship care is needed, we provide additional support with personal care and housework and errands. For more information about our services, do not hesitate to call us at 877-921-9500.