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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is one of the most common lung diseases in the United States.  COPD makes it difficult to breathe and includes bronchitis and emphysema, and sometimes a combination of the two.  Our staff is trained to provide care and support that’s especially relevant to loved ones experiencing COPD. Our COPD care services include:

  • Providing nebulizers and immediate attention when needed.
  • Helping with oxygen therapy.
  • Encouraging exercises like walking (with caretaker supervision).
  • Providing light housekeeping and other household tasks that could cause flare-ups.
  • Safeguarding your loved ones from breathing triggers, such as dust, second-hand smoke or high ozone levels that may cause respiratory symptoms.
  • Administering medications (under the supervision and direction of our RN).

Why might your loved one need extra help if they are diagnosed with COPD? Your loved one experience may wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath, making even everyday activities difficult. While smoking is the leading cause of the disease, even non-smokers may experience COPD symptoms if they have been exposed to heavy amounts of secondhand smoke, certain chemical fumes while on the job, or in smoky kitchens or areas with poor ventilation. However, most symptoms don’t appear until significant damage has been done, meaning that lifestyle changes or treatment to manage symptoms should begin as soon as possible. That’s why our caretakers are here to provide help around the house to help prevent and manage symptom flare-ups.

There is no known cure for COPD, but managing symptoms and the progression of the disease is possible! When diagnosed, a physician can consult your loved one on important lifestyle changes and prescribe medical treatments to help treat the disease. Our caretakers can help with monitoring and implementing those treatment recommendations, whether it’s when to use anti-inflammatory medications or oxygen therapy, to maintaining a safe and effective exercise program. By providing day-to-day COPD care that helps manage symptoms and providing immediate attention for symptom flare-ups, we provide personal attention that ensures the safety of your loved one and help improve their quality of life.

We help your loved one be as independent as possible, but ensure that they have all the help they need. We can prepare meals, provide medication reminders, clean the house, provide help with oxygen therapy, respond to sudden symptom episodes, provide transportation and help with dressing and bathing, the list goes on. We provide our full range of in-home care services in addition to the specific services needed by those with COPD. Our COPD care helps your loved one go about their daily life as best they can, or provides respite for you or your loved one’s primary caregiver.

Remember, if nothing is done to help slow or stop the progression of COPD, it will continue to get worse. Our caretakers are here to help your loved one manage their symptoms and prevent further damage by monitoring the helpful changes and treatments your physician can prescribe. Our COPD care, and all of our in-home care services as well, are not just about ensuring the physical well-being of your loved one, it is about helping them thrive as much as possible. We treat your family like our family, so that no matter what, your loved one has the friendly, caring and personal attention they need.