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Who is Eligible for Veterans In-Home Care?

As a US Armed Services veteran, you may receive a special disability pension benefit to help cover some home care services costs.

To receive long-term care benefits, veterans must be enrolled in the VA health system. Eligibility for home health care depends on a number of factors, including discharge status, length of service, wartime service, whether there are service-connected disabilities, and income level, among others.

A widowed spouse must be married to the veteran at the time of death of the veteran and never remarried. The marriage must have lasted at least one year, or have produced children. Also, the widowed spouse must’ve been living with the veteran at the time of death, unless the separation was because of military or medical reasons.

Total household liquid assets (savings, annuities, 401k, IRA, CDs, bonds, stocks, cash, checking, cash value of whole life insurance policies, appraised value of second property or business … etc. should not exceed $80,000). In the case of a married veteran, assets of both spouses count, including premarital assets. An exception may exist in the case of assets that are jointly owned where another adult is co-owner of the assets.

A doctor’s certification is required, stating that they are in need of home care assistance due to an existing medical condition.

If your net monthly income after deducting certain medical expenses meet the US Department of Veterans Affairs criteria, you may also qualify for a “low income” provision.

What Is Covered?

All enrolled veterans are eligible for the following in-home care services:

  • Geriatric evaluation — provides either an outpatient or inpatient
    evaluation of a veteran’s ability to care for him or herself.
  • Home care —physical therapy, nursing, and other services
    given in the veteran’s home
  • Adult day health care — a therapeutic day care program that
    provides medical and rehabilitation services to veterans.
  • Respite care — provides either outpatient or inpatient supportive
    care for veterans to enable caregivers to get a break.
  • Palliative/hospice care — provides services for veterans who are terminally ill and their families.

Additional Veterans Benefits Available:

  • A veteran or his/her widow eligible for compensation that are service-related could receive more compensation if they are diagnosed as housebound and in need of personal care.
  • Once approved for Aid & Assistance or Housebound, veterans may qualify for medical equipment, free medications, incontinence supplies, and hearing aids.
  • There may be special benefits available for veterans who served “In Country”, in the Gulf or Vietnam War and for POW’s.

You can apply for VA health benefits including in-home care for veterans online at:

You can receive an application by mail by calling:
1-877-222-VETS (8387)

More Information on In-home Care for Veterans Benefits:
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: