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At Professional Caretakers, we take all long-term care insurance. In fact, we’re a preferred provider with the best long-term insurance companies, including John Hancock, Genworth, Unum, Penn Treaty, Conseco, Mutual of Omaha, Met Life, United Teachers Insurance Associations, and many others.

We know these policies can be difficult to read and even more difficult to monitor, but we can make that easy. Our insurance team will review your individual policy for you at no extra charge.  Here is a simple explanation of some of the complicating provisions that may be in your policy:

  • A waiting period or an elimination period similar to a deductible. This is the time period that you pay out-of-pocket for care before your benefits kick in. Elimination days may be from 20 to 120 days.
  • A daily maximum, such as $100/day, that they will pay and you are responsible for any amount over that maximum.
  • An inflation rider that increases the maximum daily amount to account for inflation, over time.
  • A clause that if you go to the hospital, it will trigger an interruption in payments.
  • A requirement that you use a licensed agency, you have a care plan signed by an RN, you provide weekly copies of your nurse notes, licensing requirements, your formal care plan, a minimum number of activities of daily living or ADL’s, provider numbers, etc. (Any violation of these may mean you are denied payment.)
  • All policies have a maximum lifetime benefit they will pay. This maximum could be different for home care vs. nursing home care.

We can work with you to get the right hours and cover the most care possible with little or no payment from you.

You can assign the payments to us or pay us privately and collect the insurance checks yourself. Either way, we’ll make sure that you get the maximum benefit that is due to you!