Request A Caretaker

You have options when it comes to caring for your loved ones, but not all of them provide the same level of service, support and dedicated attention as in home care.

The Privacy of In Home Care

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities provide vital support, and peace of mind, for many families today. We are grateful they’re available to families who can’t secure private care at home, but we feel strongly that nothing beats dedicated, one-on-one patient attention and the sense of privacy, independence and dignity that loved ones receive with in-home care.

We Care About You

When you call a company for support, we know you don’t want to be treated like a number — or another zip code by a nameless, faceless franchise. And, we know you don’t want to worry whether your family’s caretaker has the right licenses and training to handle the job — or whether you can trust her or him to be reliable.

At Professional Caretakers we’re committed to providing the kind of service that you and your loved ones can rely on and trust.

It’s why we run comprehensive background checks, including criminal, driving and drug tests for all of our staff, and we match caretakers to your preferences.

It’s why we provide a dedicated caretaker who gives attention and care exclusively to your loved one and a Registered Nurse to supervise each case.

And, it’s why we don’t charge extra for providing care on nights and weekends.