Real Stories About How an In-Home Caregiver Has Helped Change People’s Lives For the Better

“My Mom is 89 Years old with Alzheimer’s and I am a 62 year old man. She needed help bathing, dressing, hair, and all the “things” that a woman needs that a son or a man cannot provide.

My Mother and I are the last of our family. She is my entire world and I am her only son. When she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 2 years ago, I thought “I can take care of her”. I did for nearly all 2 years but this past March, Mom needed more assistance than I could provide. She needed bathing and hygienic care. There were a few times I had to take care of this need.”

I was in “Over my Head”. Thank heaven that I found Professional Caretakers. They sent me an “Angel” that comes in 3 times a week and takes wonderful care of her doing all the things that a man just cannot do for a woman, let alone his own Mother. She gets her awake and starts her day, bathes her, does her hair, dresses her, and gets her ready for breakfast (I’m a really good cook), and starts her day. Even more than that, she treats my Mom as her own. I see how caring and tender she is with my Mom and that has put my mind at ease.

(continued) Let me tell you, I am one of those guys who is very independent and I don’t ask for help with anything, or so I thought, until I was faced with the reality of my own Mother with Alzheimer’s. It’s a terrible disease and until you are in that place, you cannot imagine the difficulties that a single adult “know it all” male must face.

This past Memorial Day weekend, I had to go out of town for my job. It was a last minute thing. Professional Caretakers told me “Not to worry” they would handle everything. They found someone else, not my regular caretaker, to stay with my Mom for the weekend. I was so relieved that she was ALSO as caring for my Mom as the regular caregiver. My Mom hallucinates and talks to “invisible children” and dogs as well. This new caregiver took things all in stride and comforted her and reassured her that all was well. Everyone was happy. Specially me. If you ever have a need for gentle, TLC for a loved one, I shout from the rooftops…Professional Caretakers is the only place you need.”


My Dad is 89 Years old and lives at home. His mobility is impaired, and he has poor eyesight. My 53 year-old brother with Down Syndrome lives with him. They want to be independent as long as they can, so a caregiver from Professional Caretakers comes once a week to help them with their needs and to take them out to eat at a restaurant – one of their favorite activities.

(continued) “Professional Caretakers sends the same caregiver every week, so my Dad and brother have built a strong bond with her. She is willing to do light housekeeping for them, help them with their laundry, make sure they get their medications, take them for haircuts or shopping, and take them to their favorite restaurant for lunch. My wife and I both work, and we take dinner to them and eat with them every day. We are also there two or three times a day on weekends. But it is so nice to have a change in their routine in the middle of the week to help them not feel so home bound, and to relieve me and my wife from some of the chores that have built up by mid-week. I can’t say enough nice things about our caregiver and Professional Caretakers! Our caregiver has built such a bond with my Dad and brother that she often brings them cookies and cakes she has made at home just to show how much she cares. If you need help caring for a family member, I highly recommend Professional Caretakers.”

“My father who was living in an apartment in central Austin began having episodes of falling and general weakness even though his thinking was clear. He reluctantly accepted that he needed help with food, shopping and companionship even though he wanted fiercely to be independent. I called Professional Caretakers and the supervisor came out that very day. The interview at his home was friendly and thorough and we were offered varying schedules to meet his needs.

My father needed varying amounts of help during the last year of his life. Whether it was only four hours or later on 24 hour around the clock, the caregivers were always punctual, kind, competent, and listened to his particular requests for food and privacy.

(continued) One male caregiver, who was very attentive, got him dressed up and drove him to a wedding celebration and helped him in the wheelchair to see his grandson married. My father enjoyed this time of working daily on his computer and sitting outside on the patio although he could walk only a few steps at a time. Caregivers blenderized his food for him when his dentures no longer fit.  Professional Caretakers were always there for us. They came to the hospital to sit with him when he was acutely ill and when we brought him home with Hospice Austin to die, the caretaker was there to support me when he died in his bed by his favorite window.”

“I use Professional Caretakers Inc. for my home health care services. They provide assistance with running errands and doing some cleaning in my home. They have great customer service and the people are friendly. The guy who comes and helps me with everything and we joke around all the time. We get along. I would definitely recommend them.”

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