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Reducing The Risk Of Falls With The Help Of Home Care Services

As you age, your risk of falling increases. Many fall causes physical injuries. Home care services keep residents safe with the measures discussed below.

On Staircases, Paths, or Halls

  • Put handrails on dual sides of staircases, ensuring these are securely fastened. Grip the bars upon climbing stairs, walking down or up. If you must lift objects, hold the thing with one hand while gripping the handrails with an alternate hand. Refrain from blocking your view with large objects.
  • Ensure ample lighting is provided by installing light switches on the top and bottom of stairs and upon all ends of a long corridor. Light up all passages brightly.
  • Tidy up all areas where you often walk. Do not leave boxes, clothing, books, or footwear over the ground or staircase.
  • Ensure that all carpets are attached securely to the floor so these do not slip suddenly. Plaster no-slip strips over all tiles or floor surfaces. You may purchase these strips from a hardware store.
  • Do not use small area rugs or old, worn-out rugs.

In Dressing Rooms and Bathrooms

  • Mount grip bars in toilets on all the internal and external sides of your shower or bathtub.
  • Put non-skid strips, carpets, or strips upon any surface that can get wet from spills.

In The Bedroom

  • Place evening lights or light switches near your bedstands.
  • Place a flashlight beside your bed if the power suddenly trips and you have to get out of bed.
  • Place your telephone beside your bed. Try to keep the night lights switched on.

In Common Living Spaces

  • Place electric wires or telephone cables close to walls or a vast distance from walking areas.
  • Flatten all rugs or big carpets to attach these securely to the tiles on the ground.
  • Organize all furniture (short coffee tables in particular) or more objects, so your path is evident as you walk.
  • Ensure all your chairs and sofas get adjusted to the correct height for you to sit upon and get out of seats without obstruction.
  • Do not walk upon freshly rinsed floors—they are wet and slippery.
  • Place items you often access within easy reach.
  • Do not stand on a table or chair to reach for an object that is out of reach—use a “reach stick” or request assistance from nursing staff. Reach sticks are special grabbing tools you can purchase at hardware or pharmacy shops.
  • Do not let your cats or dogs trip you. Be aware of where your pets are when you stand or walk.
  • Place emergency numbers printed in large font close to all telephones.
  • Once you fall, nursing staff might organize your furniture in senior apartments in Melbourne, FL, to advise you about making changes to prevent falls.

Take Home Improvement Steps to Keep Residents Safe

Six of every ten falls happen at home, where we spend most of our days and move around without heeding our safety. However, with home care services, safety precautions to prevent falls are taken in apartments. You must make many adjustments to your home that will enable you to avoid falls and keep you safe. Such precautionary changes are actively seen in senior apartments and senior homes. Most state and local government agencies deliver training or home modification measures to help seniors prevent falls from occurring. Home care services keep residents safe with many hand grips and railings installed. Home care services keep residents safe. Many falls cause physical injuries and are prevented by hand grips and installed railings.