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Assisted Living Care

Professional Caretakers can help your loved one even if they are in Assisted Living. Whether its help with a bath at their independent living apartment, extra laundry at their assisted living apartment, or a safety and wellness visit at your loved one’s nursing home or hospital, we go wherever you need us.

About 10% of the care we deliver every day is in Assisted Living or some other kind of facility. Assisted Living has done an incredible job helping seniors who need assistance with activities of daily living. Most will include meals, laundry, and activities as part of their monthly fee. Some add bathing, dressing, eating, toileting and med services. But in all cases, they are limited in the scope and number of times they will include these services as part of their monthly fee. At some point they will ask you to pay for any services above the services you agreed to in your contract. Or even worse, they may evict you or transfer you to a nursing home.

We believe that aging in place means that you stay in your OWN home as long as you possibly can. However, if you are already in a facility, Professional Caretakers can help you to stay as independent as possible in the same apartment. And, you don’t have to move again just because you need more help.

  • Unlike the assisted living, we provide one on one care with caretakers that are focused on you. Our caretakers are all nurturing, caring, patient people. We know this because we do personality tests on all of them!
  • We do not rely on caretakers that were trained at the nursing home, because, frankly many of them are accepting of the poor conditions that they witnessed daily. We hire only caretakers that will speak up when they see something that is not right
  • Professional Caretakers can act as your advocate when you or your family cannot be there. We can make sure you get the help you deserve.
  • If you or your spouse starts to have memory problems, you do not have to move. We can provide custodial care that can help you stay in the same apartment and prevent them from moving one of you to the memory unit, nursing home or evict you both.
  • If you or your spouse has incontinence problems and are needing extra laundry services, we can help. We can also help with toileting reminders and cleanup. That helps to ensure that you can stay in the same apartment.

Sadly, some continuing communities’ business model rely on residents being moved to higher and higher levels of care. At each new level you will incur additional fees and costs. Continuing care communities are the facilities that have independent living, assisted living, and a nursing home all on the same property. Thus, they have a tendency to move you to the higher levels of care as soon as they can.

This home care service is great for Seniors and home bound individuals with these conditions.

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Dementia
  • Memory Loss
  • Forgetfulness

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