Six Ways to Show Your Aging Family Member Love this Valentine’s Day

Young woman holding hands with elderly woman.
We know that for family caretakers, every day is a work of love, but we also know that because of stress, there are days better than others when it comes to displaying that love.

Valentine’s Day is the best time to express to your family member or aging parent that they’re indeed adored and cherished. Spending time with your favorite senior, even if it’s a few extra minutes, can make a huge difference in their day. Here are six ways to show your affection this Valentine’s:

  1. Ask them to tell a story about an especially great Valentine’s Day.
    Many seniors are living alone or widowed. This is an opportunity to allow them to reminiscence on great Valentine’s Day memories of the past.
  2. Make them a homemade gift.
    Sometimes a creative, homemade Valentine’s gift can say more than a store bought one. You can even get the grandkids in on this one by making something easy, like a tissue-paper heart.
  3. Tell them you love them.
    Actions may speak louder than words, but it’s still important to say the words.
  4. Set up a family picture frame.
    If words are becoming unclear for your loved one, a family photograph is the best way to bring back those cherished memories. Place it in a lovely frame for a touch that’s extra special.
  5. Give them a blanket.
    Since Punxsutawney Phil recently brought news that there’ll be six more weeks of winter, a warm blanket could be a nice gift for your loved one.
  6. Print and share one of these Professional Caretakers Valentine’s Day cards!

These cards are specially made to show your loved one how much they are appreciated. Print them off, choose one that fits your personality best and present it as a gift to your loved one. Tell us on our Facebook page which one you liked the best!

Always remember, the most important thing you can give your loved one this Valentine’s Day is the gift of time.