8 unusual uses for a cane

Canes have existed since the very beginning of mankind. Not only they were used for medical aid, but also to keep track of time, seasons, numbers- especially regarding basic and advanced math operations. As symbols, staffs could indicate power, as seen in ancient Egypt, and even war victories, as proved by the decorations American Indians applied to their canes to celebrate their success. When there was something heavy to carry back and forth, canes were used to ease the trip, while those who traveled needed them as well to be more balanced and have something that could defend them in case of danger.

Now you know canes aren’t only used by the elderly, but they are, instead, a very useful item for all ages and needs. Below, some tips that remind you how canes are usually undervalued.

1. It is great for hiking

Every cane has a hidden potential- in fact, you can use it if you go trekking or hiking. It doesn’t need to be strictly adventurous- a walk in a park will do- but, with the help of a cane, you will stay balanced when the ground is unreliable and you will prepared for every kind of danger. If you are planning to go on a pilgrimage, consider it will be a very useful tool to hang your clothes on, among other uses you can make of it. You can even find out how deep is the water you want to trespass!

2. A cane is a defense instrument

Defend yourself when being attacked- a cane comes handy in this kind of situations. Whether you feel you can potentially face dangerous situations, or you are just anxious something unwanted might happen to you, take your cane with you wherever you go. You never know how useful it can turn out to be!

3. Grab items from high above

You don’t need to use a ladder or stand on a chair every time you have to reach an item you are too short for. If it is something soft, just use your cane! It is easier and takes up way less time. Also, you can use it to turn the lights on or off without moving from where you are.

4. It is a fashionable item

Do you like the vintage look? Then, a cane is exactly what you need. It comes in infinite shapes and materials to fit your look, adding that elegant, refined touch to your elegant style. But if you want to look more into it, remember there is a wide range of unusual canes on the market, that have hidden features for who likes fun objects- you can find canes able to take pictures, or some you can drink water from- there are countless options! Furthermore, the story of every cane and the way it has been made- the more original, the more unique and certainly the more expensive- are the features that make it special. You can choose between the classic gold and silver, but also opt for animal-derived materials like their bones. Finally, the shape of the handles- a typical curve or a human head?

cane handle-light-brown

5. Pick up the things on the floor

Why do you have to stand up and bend if all you need to do when something falls on the floor is to use a cane and pick it up?


6. Shoo away animals

Are there some animals or pests that are making you upset? No worries- your cane will shoo them away, and they will soon learn not to be anywhere near you.


7. You can play with it

This requires a little fantasy, but what game doesn’t? You can use your cane to play with your friends- fight, limbo, capture the flag or make it a football match- the options are unlimited.


8. Be more steady when you are hunting

Every expert hunter knows a firearm needs firm support in order to be efficient. This is why a cane- one with a forked end- is perfect when your aim is an accurate shot.